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    Someone Put Human Skin On A Lego Person And It's Fucking Terrifying

    Thanks for the nightmares,

    Ever wonder what a Lego minifig would look like IRL? The answer is apparently a fleshy, pale monster that will HAUNT YOU UNTIL YOUR DYING DAY.

    Tested / Via

    Even the eyebrows are creepy. THE EYEBROWS.

    This horror is the creation of special effects makeup artist Frank Ippolito and the folks at

    They named it "creeppyfig."

    And if its sinister smile and soulless eyes aren't enough, don't worry. Because there are creepy little claw hands. With even creepier giant nails. NAILS.

    Tested / Via

    The Tested team took Creepyfig out on the San Diego Comic-Con convention floor to indoctrinate children to its dark reign of terror.

    Tested / Via

    You can even see the exact moment Creepyfig decides to use his fleshy claws to destroy humanity.

    Tested / Via

    Watch the whole video if you fancy never sleeping again.

    View this video on YouTube

    And now, only one question remains.

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      Graham the road safety sculpture.

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