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13 Reasons We're Heartbroken That "Lost Girl" Is Almost Over

Time to hold each other and cry, Faenatics.

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1. Like the most kickass lady-lady friendship in years.

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Bo and Kenzi can join the likes of Xena and Gabrielle and Buffy and Willow as one of the most enviable examples of girl power partnership.


3. Those little glimpses of Toronto and Hamilton.

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Even though Lost Girl isn't supposed to be set in Toronto, we all knew "Locksley College" was totally the University of Toronto.

4. The main character is a bisexual succubus who feeds off of sexual energy and the show is still sex-positive AF.

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Bo gets to be a seductress, heroine, and secret cutie all at once and it's no big deal.


12. Lost Girl is also the best kind of campy. A seemingly infinite supply of otherworldly creatures with wacky costumes, quirks, and powers? Bring it on.



My heart just skipped a beat, I'll never believe that it's almost over, let alone when it truly is @lostgirlseries

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