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There Was A Corgi Beach Party In Toronto And It Was The Cutest Goddamn Thing

Short on legs but high on life.

Pop quiz: Know what's better than one lil roly-poly corgi on a beach?

Answer: 50 lil roly-poly corgis on a beach.

On Sunday, a group of corgi parents gifted the internet with joy and squees at an annual beach day in Toronto.

Look at all of ’em.

So happy.

So floof.

The event was organized by Greater Toronto Area corgi owners group. According to a post on Reddit, there were about 50 corgis in attendance last year, up from 15 in the event's first year.

If our math is correct, that means within a few years the event will cause a cuteness singularity that will cause the universe to fold into itself.

But until then we can delight in the gift of this video of a corgi swimming for the first time.

Or this little guy who was so excited to swim he started paddling before he even touched the water.

Or these guys just having, like, the best day ever.

Invite us next year, k?