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This Baby Polar Bear Hitched A Ride On Its Mom's Butt

He bummed a ride, amirite.

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It took days of waiting in the snow and bitter cold, but it was all worth it for these delightful photos of a polar bear cub going for a ride on its mom's behind.

Daisy Gilardini

The photos were taken in Wapusk National Park near Churchill, Manitoba, by Daisy Gilardini, a Swiss photographer who now lives in British Columbia.

She trekked out to Churchill last February to capture bears leaving their winter dens for the first time with their little ones.

"It is extremely difficult and rare to witness the exit of the bears from the dens and one has to face extremely challenging conditions," said Gilardini.

After hanging around for a few hours, the mom decided it was time to move on. "She rushed downhill in deep snow when one of the two cubs decided it was much more convenient to hitch a ride on mama’s butt."