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22 Tweets Only Newfoundlanders Will Understand

"They see me rollin', they capelin."

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1. On the annual roll:

@TheNLTurnip / Via Twitter: @TheNLTurnip

2. On language in Newfoundland:

When someone tells me i speak terrible english

@NewfieScumbag / Via Twitter: @NewfieScumbag

3. On traffic:

Newfoundlanders haven't been able to handle a roundabout since the Trinity Loop. #newfoundland #nlpoli

@markcritch / Via Twitter: @markcritch

4. On yer mudder:

When ya breaks Mudder's good spud peeler. #Newfoundland #newfie

@DaLardLiftin / Via Twitter: @DaLardLiftin

5. On the thrill of discovery:

Feel like Indiana Jones & just Discovered the Lost Ark of the Covenant! #PineappleCrush #ShoppersDrugMart #OnlyinNL

@SteveCallahan22 / Via Twitter: @SteveCallahan22

6. On community:

a lady just rang our doorbell and gave us pictures of a moose that she took in front of our house in 2007 #whynot #onlyinnl

@alysaokeefe / Via Twitter: @alysaokeefe

7. On struggle:

Only struggle in my life: need someone w a price club membership so I can get a pack of salt meat for jigs dinner on Monday🙃

@hilbrock / Via Twitter: @hilbrock

8. On childhood heroes:

If Harry Potter took place in Newfoundland: Hagrid: HARRY MY SON YER A WIZARD Harry: a wha'? Hagrid: A WIZARD B'Y

@Danika_Ivy / Via Twitter: @Danika_Ivy

9. On tourism:

@NewfieScumbag / Via Twitter: @NewfieScumbag

10. On the weather:

Summer: I'm so glad to be back in Newfoundland, there's no place like home Winter: blast this God-forsaken island and all who dwell herein

@drewfoundland / Via Twitter: @drewfoundland

11. On reality:

newfoundland tourism commercial vs actually living here

@drewfoundland / Via Twitter: @drewfoundland

12. On pop culture:

We're all agreed the Iron Islands are fantasy-Newfoundland right?

@JEKeep / Via Twitter: @JEKeep

13. On meal prep:

@TheNLTurnip / Via Twitter: @TheNLTurnip

14. On honesty:

"I'm not excited to find out who wins the #ChaseTheAce jackpot" and other lies told in Newfoundland in 2017.

@DavidMaherNL / Via Twitter: @DavidMaherNL

15. On politics:

I live in a province where tonight a government minister is being briefed on what he should do about a church fundraiser

@PeterCBC / Via Twitter: @PeterCBC

16. On solar phenomena:

Oh no I forgot to buy #eclipse glasses - think I'll be ok?? #Newfoundland

@melissaroyle / Via Twitter: @melissaroyle

17. On optimism:

A light house with a solar panel. Now that's Newfoundland optimism. #HistoricPlacesDay

@SeamusORegan / Via Twitter: @SeamusORegan

18. On senior care:

Starting a kickstarter to turn this island of the coast of Newfoundland into a seniors singles resort

@melissaroyle / Via Twitter: @melissaroyle

19. On austerity:

As if times in Newfoundland couldn't get any harder this stick of baloney cost me $12

@candicewalsh / Via Twitter: @candicewalsh

20. On summer:

living in Newfoundland is all about striking a balance between dark humour and lowered expectations - in convo w/…

@JenEWright / Via Twitter: @JenEWright

21. On household chores:

Our neighbour drying out some codfish on his wife's clothesline. Only in Newfoundland.

@stan_sdcollins / Via Twitter: @stan_sdcollins

22. On the debate that never ends:

I hate to break it to the relentless "Report a typo" crowd, but both "capelin" and "caplin" are correct.

@DanMacEachern / Via Twitter: @DanMacEachern