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    21 Lies All New Englanders Tell To Save Face

    "Snow in April? Bring it on!"

    A huge part of being from New England is being WICKED PROUD that you're from New England.

    Werner Kunz CC BY-NC-SA / Via Flickr: werkunz

    Obviously we've got plenty of reason to be.

    But sometimes, that pride requires a little extra embellishment.

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    All in the name of our beloved New England.

    1. "More snow? PSH, I LIVE FOR SNOW. I CAN HANDLE IT."

    2. "I could shovel for days."

    Corey Templeton CC BY-NC-ND / Via Flickr: coreytempleton

    If by "days" you mean "a couple hours and then a hot cocoa break," then yeah, totally.

    3. "Dunkin Donuts is WAY better than Krispy Kreme."

    Flickr: 39908901@N06

    m01229 CC BY

    Flickr: dasqfamily

    Qfamily CC BY

    ...if we're talking coffee, but Dunkin's doughnuts pale in comparison, we add silently in our heads.

    4. "Of course I've walked the Freedom Trail, you haven't?"

    Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism CC BY-ND / Via Flickr: masstravel

    We've been to Old North Church and Faneuil Hall... that counts, right?

    5. "I'll only eat grade-A 100% pure maple syrup from Vermont."

    Amber Ridge Maple

    That pledge goes out the window the minute we step into an IHOP.

    6. "Sam Adams is hands down my favorite beer."

    Bryan Janes CC BY-NC-ND / Via Flickr: janesyb

    No it's not; it's not even in the top three. But by god, we will defend it to the death.

    7. "I'm from Boston."

    Miramax Films / Via

    "Whereabouts? Yeah, so I'm from a small suburb about...two hours north of Newton?"

    8. "It's called a rotary."

    Flickr: iheartpandas

    iheartpandas CC BY-NC-ND!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x89fadc7bbbde6a6b:0x33a391f9049fc84d?hl=en

    Nantucket, MA

    It is, but we've all caught ourselves using the more logical term "traffic circle" in mixed company.


    Werner Kunz CC BY-NC-SA / Via Flickr: werkunz

    We were hurt when he left, of course, but we quickly realized we were better off without him. But something has got to fuel our Yankee hatred.

    10. "Psh, we're not ALL crazy drivers. We're just determined."

    Mike Dwyer / AP Photo

    Flickr: dkshots

    Dirk Knight CC BY

    LOL NOPE. We are mad aggressive, get used to it.

    11. "Halloween in Salem is not even scary."

    Lisa Poole / AP Photo

    Lisa Poole / AP Photo

    We're just trying to repress the childhood memories of our first haunted house. *shivers*

    12. "The ocean isn't that cold, guys."

    Michael Swyer / AP Photo

    Yes. Yes, it is. Our tough New England skin just doesn't register it anymore.

    13. "Hey, lay off Brady! The UGG adds weren't that bad."

    UGG / Via

    OK but whatever, talk to us when you have 🏆 🏆FOUR SUPER BOWL RINGS🏆 🏆.

    14. "I just totally saw Ben Affleck and/or Matt Damon!"

    Noel Vasquez / Stringer / Getty Images

    Jim McIsaac / Getty Images

    Some of us have! Most of us haven't.

    15. "I've tried every flavor of Ben & Jerry's."

    Flickr: noeluap

    Pauleon Tan CC BY-NC-ND

    Flickr: dasqfamily

    Qfamily CC BY

    As much as we wish this were true, many were laid to rest long before we became true connoisseurs. 😭

    16. "I don't need a map, I know my way around."

    New England roads are notoriously nonsensical, but we still believe we should be able to read the minds of 18th-century city planners.

    17. "Ugh, the Freepoint outlets are way too touristy."

    Scott Thomas CC BY-NC-ND / Via Flickr: brewsterhousebb

    But we know the L.L. Bean flagship store is TOTALLY WORTH IT.

    18. "Duh, I knew New Hampshire was the first state to declare independence."

    http://C.C. Chapman CC BY-NC-ND / Via Flickr: cc_chapman

    Honestly, if we're not from NH, we probably figured it was Massachusetts. So that's why they get the most badass license plate in the union.

    19. "Of course I know how to ski!"


    Yes we've all tried at some point, and some of us even stuck with it! But most of us are counting easing down the bunny slope in the pizza slice stance as "skiing."

    20. "I absolutely know how to cook a lobstah."

    United Artists / Via

    You just dunk a giant sea insect into a pot of boiling death, right? Easy peasy.

    21. "I knew they would win!"

    Rob Carr / Getty Images

    Rob Trilangi / MLB Photos / Getty Images

    Flickr: slidingsideways

    slidingsideways CC BY-NC-ND

    No New England sports team can ever be relied upon, but that's half the fun!

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