7 Gnarly Animal Mullets

Business in the front, party in the back. These animals know what’s up.

1. The Mid-Mullet

He’s a little pissed off that there isn’t more party in the back.

2. The Wise Mullet

With more time on this Earth than any mullet should ever have, he has unlocked some mysteries of the universe. But he will never tell.

3. The Fluffy Mullet

It sucks you in with its soft appearance, almost leading you to believe that a mullet might be okay.

4. The Multi-Mullet

When a bold statement with the shape of your hair isn’t enough, throw spots of color in. Your friends will be sooooo jealous.

5. The Storybook Mullet

You can just see this mullet, slow motion, running through a field with the wind blowing through it. This is the kind of mullet that makes you swoon.

6. The ‘Murica Mullet

If anyone ever doubted your love for America, they will be speechless after this mullet. Haters.

7. THE Mullet

Can you say perfection? Try not to look straight at it, the glory is just too much.

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