10 Animals Diagnosed With Bitch Face

The results are in, these animals have the bitchiest of faces.

1. Grumpy Cat.

Or, bitch face cat. Wait, that might not be any better.

2. This fish.

Her name is Bertha, and she just just wants to talk to you about how delicious menthols are.

3. This buffalo.

Who may or may not appreciate your comments about her new hairdo. I will let you decide.

4. This llama.

Who really just has a hard time seeing, but actually has a great sense of humor.

5. This prairie dog.

Who is at full attention because he is really just interested in what you have to say. Maybe….too interested.

6. This hedgehog.

Who is actually just upset about having to do push ups. I mean, look at those tiny arms.

7. This bird.

Who has been awake for four days straight. So. Much. Coffee.

8. This cow.

Whose feelings were hurt because everyone else got really cool earrings.

9. This otter.

Who is fine, so stop asking.

10. This toad.

Who is really just trying to hold in a fart.

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