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26 Things All Koreans Will Remember Doing As A Kid

If you didn't want to be a Kpop star at one point of your life.. you're lying.

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1. Being called over by your mom while she's making kimchi, and having freshly-made, spicy goodness shoved into your mouth to taste.

2. Carrying these babies around with you everywhere you go, and showing off your clap-grab prowess.

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And perfecting that slight rocking motion to get all the gonggi in place for you to *SNATCH UP*


5. Going to one of these after school/after church/all summer/your whole life.


20. Going to the video store to rent all your favorite dramas and comedy shows for the week. Also, so you could get My Neighbor Totoro and Kiki's Delivery Service for the 15th time.

24. Getting your head shaved as a kid because you didn't have enough hair and your mom thought it'd promote more hair growth.


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