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    26 Things All Koreans Will Remember Doing As A Kid

    If you didn't want to be a Kpop star at one point of your life.. you're lying.

    1. Being called over by your mom while she's making kimchi, and having freshly-made, spicy goodness shoved into your mouth to taste.

    @purrplella / Via

    And going back for seconds.. thirds.. a whole bowl...

    2. Carrying these babies around with you everywhere you go, and showing off your clap-grab prowess.

    3. Spending your whole day as part of a mandoo assembly line.

    @purebake_ / Via

    And getting yelled at for fucking up on the pleated ones.

    4. Desperately trying to make the smell of kimchi wafting from your lunchbox go away.


    Kids were so mean. *sob*

    5. Going to one of these after school/after church/all summer/your whole life.

    6. Hiding any type of stomachache from your parents because you know they'll chase after you with a needle to get the "bad blood" out.

    Ask Nate / Via

    Just drown me in Pepto-Bismol instead.

    7. Thirsting when Super Junior debuted and you had 13 new baes to daydream about.

    SM Entertainment / Via

    💛Kim Kibum 4 lyfe💛

    8. Practicing your fake surfing skills when your parents asked you to step on their backs.

    @peacemak3r / Via

    9. Unwillingly splitting a Chuchu bar.

    @gyup / Via

    You NEVER got a full one. And you always tried to grab the "better half." You know what I'm talking about.

    10. Being gross as fuck with your tongue when trying to get the frozen, slushy part out of one of these:

    @ imixyymi / Via

    11. Bowing to your elders on New Year's day for some cash monies.

    @kooldog / Via

    And forgetting year after year how to bow the proper way.

    12. Wearing the "Be The Reds" shirt as one big Korean family back in 2002.

    Kotra / Via

    13. Being told to get the stick and put out your hands.

    @JPaark27 / Via Twitter: @JPaark27

    14. Wincing in pain as your mom does this:

    ear cleaningman / Via


    15. And practicing dance routine after dance routine in hopes that you join the next Girls' Generation one day.

    SM Entertainment / Via

    One day.

    16. Jamming out to "10 Minute" by Kpop Queen, Hyori on your home-karaoke machine.

    kmm982000's channel / Via

    17. Howling in pain because you caught your finger folding one of these:

    dreamhigh365 / Via

    18. Pulling this lil' guy out of the glove compartment the second you enter the car (because for some reason, there's ALWAYS gum there).

    @khyuni / Via

    19. And begging someone to buy this frickin' yummy bubble gum set for you during your weekly H-Mart run.

    @b10_26 / Via

    20. Going to the video store to rent all your favorite dramas and comedy shows for the week. Also, so you could get My Neighbor Totoro and Kiki's Delivery Service for the 15th time.

    Variety / Via

    21. Feeling so nervous to show your parents your report card... with your first 'B'.

    quickmeme / Via

    22. Being so inspired by the insults during the "Of Course!" game on the X-Man show, that you practice on your siblings and smack 'em down with burn after burn.


    23. Dancing to some Wonder Girls with your girlfriends.

    theresalovee / Via

    And fighting over who gets to be Sohee.

    24. Getting your head shaved as a kid because you didn't have enough hair and your mom thought it'd promote more hair growth.

    Lauren Han / BuzzFeed

    Yes, that awkward, bald, potato sack is actually me.

    25. Watching your grandma play Hwato (or Go-Stop).

    @acha8500 / Via

    And envying the way she just THREW those cards down to make the perfect clap sound.

    26. And finally, getting your hands slapped raw while playing games like "A-B-C-D."

    @caesu91 / Via

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