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    31 Splurge-Worthy Things From Wayfair That Already Have Hundreds Of 5-Star Reviews For A Reason

    Sometimes it feels good to splurge, and the products below won't have you feeling any buyer's remorse.

    1. A Casper memory foam mattress that will help you have the best night's sleep ever. You'll feel like you're sleeping on clouds, and you won't have to worry about getting hot because it's very breathable.

    Casper mattress on bedframe

    2. And a set of 800-thread count, 100% cotton sheets to go on your new Casper mattress. You'll feel like you're living in luxury due to the softness of these sheets. Sheets just aren't something to go budget on.

    Sheet sets in multiple colors

    3. A seven-drawer dresser that has enough space that you won't fight with your partner over drawers. Place a mirror, other home décor items, or a television on top to tie your bedroom all together.

    Dresser sitting in room

    4. A kitchen island because your counter space isn't cutting it anymore. Plus, this will add a centerpiece to your kitchen where guests and family can gather around while you prepare meals!

    Kitchen island placed in kitchen

    5. A set of customer loved blackout curtains that are worth the money. These aren't like the rest; the sheer cover over the typical blackout shade brings a whimsical feel to any room.

    Blackout curtains hanging in living room

    6. A Breville toaster oven that goes above and beyond. With this, you'll be able to do more than just toast; bake, broil and roast with this all-in-one counter appliance!

    Breville toaster

    7. A velvet couch that adds personal style to your living room. The velvet fabric and fluffy cushions will make leaving the couch harder than ever, and it will last the test of time!

    Couch in living room

    8. A metal bar cart to display your favorite liquors and glasses. The glass shelves add a sense of elegance, the "O" in the back creates dimension, and the locking wheels on the bottom make it functional.

    Bar cart holding various alcohol and décor pieces

    9. A kitchen pantry that holds groceries and serving dishes in style. For those who don't have enough storage or a pantry at all, this is a lifesaver. It doesn't hurt that it's adorable too!

    Pantry holding serving dishes in kitchen

    10. A set of Turkish cotton towels that feel like butter, if you know what I mean. These are seriously so soft you'll be wrapping yourself in them for hours after you hop out of the shower.

    Towels on bathroom counter

    11. A three-piece coffee table set that makes styling your living room a breeze. Customers say they're sturdy and well worth the money!

    Coffee table in living room

    12. A floor mirror that adds light and dimension to any room that you style it in. This piece has a modern and contemporary feel, thanks to the beaded border and antique finish.

    Floor mirror sitting in living room

    13. A modern desk so you'll have all the space you need for your WFH setup. The best part is, the wood finish has a rustic feel so if you ding or spill on it, you won't even notice!

    Desk in home office

    14. A dinnerware set that you won't be embarrassed to serve food to guests on. These won't even feel like a splurge since you'll use them so much.

    Dinnerware set on kitchen counter

    15. A wine refrigerator that keeps your favorite wines at your desired temperature. It can hold 46 bottles, has adjustable racks, and a door lock. Also, this will look stunning freestanding or installed in your kitchen.

    Wine refrigerator in kitchen

    16. A rattan wood chair to make you feel the sea breeze, even when you're 400 miles from the nearest ocean. A simple statement is exactly what this will look like in your living room.

    Rattan chair in living room

    17. A 100% cotton throw that'll make you want to take naps every day because it's so cozy! Who says a throw can't be splurge-worthy? Your comfort is a priority.

    Throw dropped on couch

    18. A dining set available in multiple variations to fit your needs. A major perk is that it has a self-storing leaf so all your guests can sit comfortably around the table.

    Dining room table

    19. A velvet ottoman that is so plush, it will hide the fact that it's holding Legos, Barbie dolls, and so much more.

    Ottoman sitting in living room

    20. A chandelier to kick your track lighting to the curb. This piece radiates warmth and glamour. You won't be able to stop looking at it, whether it's in the dining room, entryway, or bedroom.

    Chandelier in dining room

    21. A comforter set that is worth every penny. You'll feel like a king or queen while sleeping in this plush set, and it gives your room a much-needed update!

    Comforter on bed in room

    22. An upholstered bed frame – it's a quick way to elevate your bedroom décor. It's sturdy, comes in multiple colors, and has a year of warranty, just in case! You won't regret this splurge.

    Bed frame in bed room

    23. A coffee machine that will help fuel your caffeine obsession. Did I mention it has the option to brew a single cup or a pot? Perfect for your busy on-the-go lifestyle.

    Coffee machine on kitchen counter

    24. A Pablo Picasso print that brings beauty into any room and is a great conversation starter. While this might not be the real thing, it is anything but cheap-looking.

    Painting hung in living room

    25. A table designed to be either a nightstand or end table. Adding a simple piece like this one will tie your room together in an elegant fashion.

    End table in living room next to couch

    26. A geometric rug that will make walking barefoot in your house feel like an absolute dream. The neutral but eye-catching pattern hides any dust or dirt that may be in your home.

    Geometric rug in living room

    27. A porch swing to make sitting outside this summer a breeze. The quality is fantastic, and this will make your porch the envy of all your neighbors.

    Porch swing on porch

    28. An oversized wall clock that'll hide the fact you've been living in your apartment for a month and haven't hung anything. A large wall piece is a perfect solution to decorating in a rush.

    Oversized wall clock in entry way

    29. A salad bowl set made of the most beautiful wood you've ever seen. It even comes with serving utensils, so you won't have to grapple with what utensils to use.

    Salad bowl with utensils on kitchen counter

    30. A Cuisinart stand mixer that is a customer favorite. If you dread cooking or baking, this kitchen appliance will take all the worry away. You can mix, knead, or whip so many delicious things in this!

    Cuisinart mixer

    31. And a console table to give you and your guests a warm welcome. There's nothing worse than walking in, and there's nowhere to set your belongings.

    Console table in hallway

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