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    17 Fictional Men Who Are Straight Up Garbage Human Beings

    You know exactly who I'm talking about.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community which male TV characters they loved at first but ended up absolutely hating later on, and many points were made. Here's what they said:

    Note: Some of these submissions include topics of sexual assault. 

    1. Paxton Hall-Yoshida from Never Have I Ever.

    Paxton tells his sister that he's too cool to date Devi and she tells him he's a douche

    "I know his character was supposed to grow on me, but I couldn't really get past how he continued to treat Devi. He had a few moments where he supported her, but he cared more about his 'cool guy' image...maybe he'll improve in Season 2."


    2. Coach from New Girl.

    Schmidt asks if Coach and Malia broke up and Coach says, "Oh yeah... she got real fat on me so I was like, 'ew, bye!"

    "I never found him funny at all and thought he was a pointless character addition. The other three guys were much, much better fits for the show! Coach was just so random and didn’t fit in at all. I still can’t stand watching episodes with him."


    3. Lucas Scott from One Tree Hill.

    Lucas tells Peyton that he wishes she never came back because he hates her and that she ruined his life.
    The CW

    "In the beginning, he was the misfit, misunderstood one. He was poetic, sensible, and athletic. Then he cheated on Brooke twice, he got really mad when Peyton didn't accept his proposal, he married his ex's best friend, and he slut-shamed his exes and his best friend all the time. He thought that every woman he dated belonged to him and just kept on making terrible and selfish decisions throughout the entire show."


    4. Chidi Anagonye from The Good Place.

    Michael asks Chidi whether he wants to use dry erase board or pen and paper and Chidi gets into a long discussion re: the pros and cons

    "This is really unpopular, so please no hate, but I thought Chidi from The Good Place was great when the show first started but got more boring and difficult the longer it went on. His jokes were always the same, and his indecisiveness got more annoying every time because it was so overused."


    5. Owen Hunt from Grey's Anatomy.

    Cristina tells Owen not to take his guilt out on her and then he responds by yelling at her and saying she's selfish and does whatever she wants.

    "He started off hating Cristina for not wanting children and then hated Amelia for the same thing. He even made Teddy feel like shit for doing the same exact things he’s done in the past. He is selfish and never sees his own faults. 'Everyone has to grow but Owen. Everyone should be sorry except Owen.'"


    6. Tom Haverford from Parks and Recreation.

    Tom talks about his "Oh-no-no" list that he has whenever he dates someone. If the woman he's dating commits an "Oh-no-no," he dumps them.

    "I never thought any of his bits were funny, and I genuinely don't think he made a difference to the show."


    7. Tristan Milligan from Degrassi: The Next Generation and Degrassi: Next Class.

    Tristian humiliates Miles for his sexuality in front of the entire student body and says "You can't even decide if you like boys or girls."

    "I don't know if I ever loved his character, but he definitely had some potential at the start of the show. In the early seasons, he was a sweet kid who just wanted to find love. However, once Tori left the show, he completely lost all of his sympathetic traits and became selfish, rude, and mean. I struggle to think of one good quality he had in the Next Class era — the writers never painted him as being in the wrong or made him learn from any of his mistakes, and it was incredibly frustrating to watch."

    Kelly Martinez

    8. Anthony Bridgerton from Bridgerton.

    Anthony gets mad Daphne kept a secret from him and she said it's because he doesn't listen to her and ignores her wishes.

    "First he was like the protective older brother, but it got old really, really fast. He was soooo entitled and treated everyone like dirt...a yucky character."


    9. Matt Donovan from The Vampire Diaries.

    Matt angrily gripping his friend's collar and yelling "Just stop lying"
    The CW

    "He started off a sweet guy, and you even felt a little sorry for him, but then he slowly went downhill from there. By Season 6, I really hoped they'd kill him off. It was just like, 'Dude, if you hate the supernatural and all of your friends so much, nothing is tying you to Mystic Falls!'"


    10. Derek Shepherd from Grey's Anatomy.

    Derek Shepherd yelling at Meredith and telling her that he gave up everything for her.

    "I hate Derek Shepherd. He was always so arrogant and all about himself. If Meredith did or said anything without him, he'd start a fight with her. She is so much better without him. I hate McDreamy."


    11. Landon Kirby from Legacies.

    Hope tries to fix things with Landon and he tells her "We exist to destroy each other" then he breaks up with her and leaves her.
    The CW

    "Landon is your typical Gary Stu–type character. He has no agency and is constantly depending on Hope to save him. Hope literally goes through hell and back to save his life, and then Landon just dumps her and leaves town. Like, WTF?! Who does that?"


    12. Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl.

    Blair tells Chuck she loves him and he gives her a dirty look and says "Well, that's too bad."
    The CW

    "The worst part is how everyone romanticizes him. He tried to sexually assault Jenny in the very first episode. He also traded Blair for a hotel and broke a window trying to punch Blair when she didn’t want to be with him anymore."


    13. Jughead Jones from Riverdale.

    Betty telling Jughead she's trying to help him and make sure he graduates so they can be together and he tells her he didn't ask for her help and is mad they'd even consider breaking up.
    The CW

    "He started out as super cool and a really relatable character. But by the end of Season 2 and early Season 3, he ended up as just some 'weirdo' who doesn’t even care about his girlfriend. I still love the original Archie Comics Jughead, though."


    14. Malick D. from Elite.

    Malick making out with Omar, and then Omar's sister Nadia realizes that Malick pretended to like her too.

    "He literally had no purpose except making Omar cheat on Ander. He also had a weird relationship with Omar's sister Nadia at the same time and totally used her because their relationship ultimately meant nothing to him. He was so manipulative."


    15. Andy Bernard from The Office.

    Andy trying to make plans with Michael and he won't stop talking until Michael yells at him to stop talking because Andy is driving him crazy.

    "He started out okay, but by the end he was a shit character. They completely ruined his character by the end, and I reveled in Andy's downfall. He was never my favorite character to begin with, but he steadily got more and more insufferable."


    16. Don Draper from Mad Men.

    Don meets a guy he screwed over in the elevator and he says, "I feel bad for you." Don responds with "I don't think about you at all"

    "Honestly, the guy just couldn’t keep it in his pants. He hurt a lot of women emotionally, not to mention his own kids, due to his divorce. He just plowed through women like ice cream. Oh, and he stole a dead guy’s ID to 'reinvent' himself."


    17. And finally, Will Schuester from Glee.

    Mr. Schue saying "You're all minorities. You're in the glee club"

    "At first I thought he was the cool teacher we all wanted in school, but as the series progressed, I realized he was kind of weird and creepy."


    So did your least favorite make the list? Let us know in the comments below.

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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