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Tell Us Which Actors You Think Are SUPER Underrated

Letitia Wright deserves her own superhero spinoff series, tbh

Have you ever fallen in love with an actor who's just too good for the movies and shows they're cast in?

They're just so freaking great, but it seems like you're the only one on earth who thinks it!

Maybe you believe that Zac Efron should only do dramatic roles because he has the best raw talent of our generation.

Or maybe you strongly believe that Letitia Wright is the best actor from the MCU and deserves her own superhero spinoff series.

Or that Lolly Adefope deserves her own three-hour Netflix stand up comedy special.

Heck, you might even think that Daniel Radcliffe should just throw his magic wand in the trash and become the comedy legend he was born to be.

So, tell us in the comments about which actor you think is actually SUPER underrated. Actors that you think more people should know about or already famous actors who have proved their acting chops in other genres — it's your choice! And don't forget to tell us why!

The best responses could end up in a BuzzFeed Community post or video!