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    17 Retail Worker Truths That Hilariously Sum Up What It's Like

    "Do you work here?"

    1. Constantly being ignored by customers and feeling like your job is pointless:

    #ThoughtsWhileWorkingInRetail When you greet a customer “Hi” and they see you and don’t say anything or acknowledge your existence Me:

    2. But also only needing to help a customer when you're already busy with something else:

    Working retail is having to tell someone a story in 9 different parts because u keep on getting interrupted

    3. Organizing displays even though you know they'll be messed up .5 seconds later:

    The Joys of Working Retail 👚 (W/ @KaleighSnydaa)

    4. Lying to customers about "looking in the back" just so they'll leave you alone:

    me in the back looking for the size you asked for #ThoughtsWhileWorkingInRetail

    5. Having a "customer service persona" even though you're annoyed 100% of the time:

    This is how working retail looks on the outside and feels on the inside

    6. Having that favorite coworker or manager who makes all your shifts better:

    Looking at the schedule and seeing your favorite co worker leaves when you arrive #ThoughtsWhileWorkingInRetail

    7. Constantly laughing at customers terrible jokes even though you've heard them ALL before:

    #ThoughtsWhileWorkingInRetail customer: *doesnt see a price tag* well I guess it’s free 🤪🤪🤪🤪 Me: me

    8. Letting customers vent to you but not really knowing how to respond because you're just trying to make a sale:

    Working in retail was wild, people just tell you things about their personal life and you just stand there... Not knowin' how to respond to “I'm going to a funeral” or “I’m getting a divorce” like that sucks… $13.48 is your total.

    9. Absolutely dreading the holiday season because that's when customers are at their meanest:

    working retail during the holidays like

    10. Knowing the customer has literally never been right and never will be:

    just heard a customer two aisles over go “Hey, I think this is that special glass that doesn’t shatter when you drop it” followed by the sound of shattering glass. i hate retail

    11. Hating every single customer that walks into the store just because you can:

    me talking with a customer: ▶ 🔘──────── 0:00:02 me complaining about that customer: ▶ 🔘──────── 1:38:49

    12. Apologizing for every little thing just to avoid getting yelled at by a customer:

    working retail be like: ma’am i apologize that you made the mistake that you are now yelling at me for, let me see what i can do

    13. Hating anyone who comes in 10 minutes before closing because you've been ready to go home for hours:

    What's on every retail worker's mind when that customer comes in at closing time. 🤣

    14. Hearing the same 12 songs on a loop for an entire season and getting a little stressed any time you hear them outside of work:

    Sometimes I hear songs that played when I worked in retail and I get PTSD

    15. Constantly being asked, "Do you work here?" when you're clearly the only one in uniform on the floor:

    Im slapping the shit out of the next person who asks "Do i work here" and im in full uniform with my nametag clearly showing #ThoughtsWhileWorkingInRetail

    16. Having a mini heart attack whenever you have to count change because you don't want to be wrong:

    Me: opens drawer Customer: oh wait I have a penny First of all, I don't know how to count

    17. And of course, always getting yelled at by customers for something that is 100% not your fault:

    I hate working retail. This lady really gonna throw a fit because we don't sell fenty beauty. First of all you're at a PUMA outlet store.