Reneé Rapp Read All Of Your Thirst Tweets, So Be Prepared To Get Quenched

    "I love myself, but there are women I would let ruin my life."

    So, you know Reneé Rapp — Broadway icon, up-and-coming pop star, and total goddess.

    Well, to celebrate the release of her new album, Snow Angel, and her Snow Hard Feelings tour, we invited Reneé to sit down with BuzzFeed and read some of y'all's filthy thirst tweets.

    She was kinda living for it, tbh.

    Things started out super cute...

    ...but in perfect thirst tweets fashion, they escalated very quickly.

    She even gave her friend and fellow pop star Zara Larsson a shoutout!

    All in all, it was a fun and sexy time for everyone.

    Watch the full video with all of Reneé's reactions below:

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    And if you understandably can't get enough of Reneé, make sure to stream her album Snow Angel and catch her on the Snow Hard Feelings tour!