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    February 2023 TV Preview: Here Are 15 Shows That Are Worth Watching

    You Season 4 returns this month. After fleeing his messy life in California, Joe adopts a new identity. Now, Joe is a professor in London named Jonathan Moore. However, he soon finds himself in the strange new role of reluctant detective as he discovers that he might not be the only killer roaming the streets of London.

    1. You Season 4 Part 1

    closeup of a man and woman looking at each other

    2. Outer Banks Season 3

    people walking on a beach looking disheveled and excited

    3. Bel-Air Season 2

    two teens in school uniform

    4. Freeridge

    four teens standing in a room

    5. Not Dead Yet

    woman sitting n the edge of the bed

    6. Party Down Season 3

    wait staff sitting in a restaurant kitchen

    7. Dear Edward

    closeup of two women walking

    8. Harlem Season 2

    four friends hugging in bed

    9. The Company You Keep

    man and women dressed in black tie looking at each other

    10. The Flash Season 9

    two people sitting on a couch

    11. Snowfall Season 6

    closeup of man in a suit

    12. Hello Tomorrow

    man smiling in a suit

    13. The Consultant

    two people standing in shock

    14. Star Trek: Picard Season 3

    closeup of two men in a spaceship

    15. And finally, Carnival Row Season 2

    two people looking up in a gloomy outside

    What are you most excited for this month? Tell us in the comments below!