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Which Teen Movie Heroine Are You?

Let's be real: there are so many great choices here.

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Okay, so Moxie officially started streaming on Netflix today (!!!!!!) and I could not be more excited.

Netflix, Colleen Hayes / Netflix

The movie follows a teenager named Vivian who publishes an anonymous zine calling out the sexism at her high school. Then, one-by-one, Vivian's classmates band together and start a feminist revolution.

Vivian holding up a copy of the zine

To celebrate the movie's release, we had Amy Poehler, Hadley Robinson, Lauren Tsai, and Alycia Pascual-Peña take our "Which Teen Movie Heroine Are You?" quiz.

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Now it's your turn to take the quiz and compare your results with the cast's:

Be sure to watch Moxie, streaming on Netflix now!

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