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    "Loki” Episode 1 Is Here, And Fans Have A Lot Of Thoughts About The TVA’s “Paper Weights”

    I! Am! Screaming!

    🚨Warning: There are MASSIVE spoilers ahead!🚨

    Listen up, Marvel fans! The first episode of Loki is currently streaming on Disney+ and it's already a doozy.

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    In the series, Loki joins forces with the Time Variance Authority (TVA) as they try to restore the timelines throughout the multiverse. It begins after the events of Avengers: Endgame, specifically after 2012 Loki steals the Tesseract from the Avengers and escapes. 

    So in Episode 1, we caught a little glimpse of what it's like at the TVA...who they are, what they do, what they use as paper weights (!!!!!!).


    And if you watched the episode and said, "Oh those colorful stones look really familiar!" You'd be correct. Those are, in fact, INFINITY STONES. AKA, the Infinity Stones that caused the giant war against Thanos, the Infinity Stones that erased half the world's population, oh, and the Infinity Stones that Tony Stark, Black Widow, Gamora, Vision, and a bunch of other people died for. THOSE Infinity Stones.

    And understandably, fans are NOT happy!!!!


    #Loki “we actually get a lot of those! some of the guys use them as paperweights”

    Twitter: @bqrnesz


    #Loki spoilers . . . . . . Tony, Vision, Gamora and Natasha reactions when they find out that the infinity stones they sacrificed their lives for are being used as “paperweights” by TVA

    Twitter: @cooljulian5


    wanda maximoff when she finds out the TVA uses a mind stone as a "paper weight" #Loki

    Twitter: @noradominick


    Twitter: @ftcbrnes


    “We actually get a lot of those. Some of the guys use them as paperweights.” The TVA is going to HELL. #Loki

    Twitter: @itsjustanotherx


    #loki spoilers . . . . . Me distracting the TVA so the avengers can steal the “paperweights” from the drawer so Nat and vision don’t need to die

    Twitter: @Sqwillliam


    #Loki spoilers!! . . . . "Some of the guys us it as paperweights" loki and everyone watching the episode:

    Twitter: @strangexwitch


    #loki spoilers - - - - - - - - - - marvel: also marvel: the infinity stones are extremely paperweights🤩 powerful and important

    Twitter: @widowsmisery


    #Loki spoilers . . . . . TVA watching Nat, Vision and Tony dying while having a bunch of Infinity Stones in a drawer somewhere, just because it was ✨meant to be✨

    Twitter: @LokiTakesOver


    #Loki SPOILERS - - - - - - - Me looking at all the infinity stones while thinking about Nat and Vision #LokiWednesdays

    Twitter: @grandeIip


    #loki so wanda and vision went through all this just for the TVA to have extra infinity stones in a cabinet?

    Twitter: @furyofthegod


    Tony, Natasha, Gamora and Vision sacrifice their life for infinity stones. Meanwhile TVA- Hold my Infinite Stones box. #loki

    Twitter: @memesberg_


    #Loki spoilers - - - - Tva when the whole universe was fighting over infinity stones

    Twitter: @bellsbensolo


    SPOILERS for #Loki - - - - me, after realising infinity stones were basically just a scam:

    Twitter: @moonytoaster


    #Loki spoilers - - - the fact that the avengers went through all that trauma and loss only for there to be dozens of unused infinity stones just chilling at the tva 💀💀

    Twitter: @vintagelokii


    TVA: have a box with infinity stones Tony, Natasha, Gamora and Vision: #Loki

    Twitter: @LunaSmitt


    #loki spoilers - - - - the tva while everyone’s sacrificing themselves for the infinity stones

    Twitter: @httplokis


    #Loki spoilers - - - - - - TVA members with infinity stones:

    Twitter: @Vishalsiddu1


    #loki spoilers // TVA after they collected infinity stones :

    Twitter: @trixiedash


    #loki spoilers • • • • • loki finding the infinity stones in the desk and being told they get used as paperweights

    Twitter: @reindeerrgames


    #Loki SPOILERS . . . . . . . . This is how the TVA be seeing the Infinity Stones

    Twitter: @EternalsTalks


    #Loki spoilers - - - - nat died only for the tva to use infinity stones as paperweights

    Twitter: @sikeloki


    // #Loki spoilers - - - - - no cuz the way my mouth dropped when i saw the drawer FULL of infinity stones

    Twitter: @arieannalevi

    So, are you also pissed about the TVA's paper weights? Let us know in the comments! And be sure to watch new episodes of Loki every Wednesday on Disney+.

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