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Which TV Siblings Look So Alike They Could Be Related IRL?

Please tell me I'm not the only one who sees this!

If you're anything like me, then you probably spend a lot of time watching TV.

You also probably know there's nothing more satisfying than seeing two fictional siblings look so alike, you have to remind yourself they aren't actually related.

Like maybe you're convinced Bethany Joy Lenz and Shantel VanSanten (who played Haley James Scott and Quinn James on One Tree Hill) share an ancestor somewhere down the line.

Perhaps you believe that the casting director for The Chi deserves an award for finding Alex R. Hibbert and Birgundi Baker to play such similar-looking siblings.

Or maybe you only just learned that Niles and Frasier Crane from Frasier (played by David Hyde Pierce and Kelsey Grammer) are, in fact, just costars and not family.

Whoever it is, we wanna know! Tell us which fictional siblings look so much alike they could be family IRL. The best responses will be included in a BuzzFeed Community post.