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    The "Dear Evan Hansen" Cast Shared That Ben Platt Is Constantly Breaking Out Into Song, And Honestly, I'm Not Even Surprised

    "I just know I've ruined a lot of takes with laughter."

    It's official: Dear Evan Hansen finally drops in theaters today!!

    Evan Hansen walking through his high school hallway with a cast on his left arm

    And to celebrate, we had Nik Dodani, Ben Platt, Colton Ryan, Kaitlyn Dever, and Amandla Stenberg join us to play a super-fun game of who's who.

    The cast of Dear Evan Hansen, with Kaitlyn and Amandla seated

    We found out who's most likely to burst out into song...

    Everyone pointing at Ben

    ...who's most likely to laugh during an uncomfortable situation...

    Everyone pointing at Amandla

    ...and who's most likely to break character and start laughing.

    Everyone pointing at Ben, with Nik saying, "Oh, we're very inconsistent here"

    We even found out who's most (and least) likely to accidentally like one of their crush's old IG pics.

    Nik said "Listen, I'm very careful not to deep-like"

    Curious about all the other shenanigans that went down here? Watch the video below.

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    And be sure to catch Dear Evan Hansen, which is in theaters now!