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    The "Dash & Lily" Stars Bonded Through A Notebook Just Like Their Onscreen Characters, And The YA Fan In Me Is Swooning

    BRB, searching for my own notebook soulmate.

    Dash & Lily is the latest addition to Netflix's holiday lineup, and it's basically the YA Christmas rom-com you didn't know you needed.


    The TV series is based on David Levithan and Rachel Cohn's YA book, Dash & Lily's Book of Dares.

    The eight-episode series stars Austin Abrams as Dash and Midori Francis as Lily, two teens who fall in love through, well, a notebook.


    Some basic plot: Dash hates Christmas and Lily just wants to fall in love. When Lily leaves a notebook full of clues at The Strand Bookstore, Dash finds it and then they get into a pattern of leaving clues, secrets, and dares in the notebook for the other to find throughout NYC. Throughout the series, they learn all about each other from the notebook, all while leading up to their eventual meetup in person.

    However, Dash and Lily aren't the only ones to bond through a notebook...Austin and Midori did too!

    Since Dash and Lily don't actually meet in person until the end of the season, Austin and Midori had to figure out their own way to find chemistry — a notebook.

    Lily showing off her Christmas tree costume to Dash at a holiday party

    Midori also remembered that keeping a journal between the two of them was Austin's idea.

    In an interview with E! News, Midori said, "We kind of kept a little notebook ourselves that we shared back and forth just kind of expressing revealing things to one another, just to get to know each other in a similar way as they were on the show."

    Lily sitting on a bed reading the notebook

    Austin explained that the reason for the notebook was to help them get to know each other in a deeper, more "secretive" way.

    Sadly, we'll never actually know what was in Austin and Midori's real-life notebook, because they shared that they did, in fact, burn it afterward.

    Dash lying on a bed reading a book

    I guess we'll just have to leave it up to our imagination!


    Be sure to watch Dash & Lily, streaming on Netflix now.

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