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27 TV Easter Eggs Where A Main Character's Real-Life Partner Made A Cameo

I laughed out loud when Daniel Radcliffe's real-life girlfriend made a cameo as his onscreen wife on Miracle Workers.

1. Chloe Bridges, who's married to Adam Devine, guest-starred on Season 2 of his show The Righteous Gemstones.

Chloe Bridges and Adam Levine

2. Macauley Culkin, who is engaged to Brenda Song, guest-starred on the first season of Dollface.

Brenda and Macauley on Dollface vs them IRL

3. Also, Andrew W.K. and Kat Dennings just got engaged, and he appeared on an episode of her show Dollface.

Kat and Andrew on Dollface and Kat and Andrew IRL

4. Erin Darke has been publicly dating Daniel Radcliffe since 2012, and she guest-starred on the most recent season of Miracle Workers.

Erin Darke and Daniel Radcliffe

5. Julius Tennon has been married to Viola Davis since 2003, and he guest-starred on How to Get Away With Murder.

Viola and Julius on HTGAWM and them IRL

6. Billy Magnussen, who was dating Meghann Fahy at the time, played her character's ex-boyfriend on The Bold Type.

Meghann and Billy on The Bold Type vs them IRL

7. Dax Shepard is married to Kristen Bell and played a demon on an episode of The Good Place.

Dax and Kristen on The Good Place vs them IRL

8. Mary Steenburgen has been married to Ted Danson since 1995, and she also appeared on The Good Place.

Ted and Mary on The Good Place vs them IRL

9. Jason Ralph, who is married to Rachel Brosnahan, guest-starred on Season 4 of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (and is confirmed to return for Season 5).

Rachel Brosnahan and Jason Ralph on the show and IRL

10. Chris Pratt guest-starred on an episode of Mom back when he was still married to Anna Faris.

Anna has her arms around Chris on the show and in real life they appear at an event

11. Hilarie Burton Morgan is married to Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and she made a cameo as Lucille on The Walking Dead.

Hilarie and Jeffrey on The Walking Dead vs them IRL

12. Megan Mullally guest-starred as Tammy II, Ron's ex-wife, on Parks and Recreation. Megan has been married to Nick Offerman for 19 years.

Megan and Nick on Parks and Rec vs them hugging IRL

13. Nick Offerman also starred on Megan's show, Will and Grace, two different times as two different characters.

Megan and Nick on Will and Grace vs them IRL

14. Ryan Michelle Bathe has been married to Sterling K. Brown since 2007, and she guest-starred on a few episodes of This Is Us.

Ryan Michelle Bathe and Sterling K. Brown in This is Us vs. in real life

15. Alexis Denisof and Alyson Hannigan married in 2003, after meeting on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Then, he played Sandy on Alyson's show, How I Met Your Mother.

The couple on the show vs the couple IRL

16. Taran Killam has been married to Cobie Smulders for 10 years, and he was on a few episodes of her show How I Met Your Mother too.

Taran and Cobie on TV vs IRL

17. David Burtka is married to Neil Patrick Harris, and he also appeared on a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother.

The couple talking on the show vs. in real life at an event

18. Mila Kunis played a tourist named Vivian on her husband Ashton Kutcher's show Two and a Half Men.

Mila and Ashton on Two and a Half Men vs them irl

19. Adam Brody is married to Leighton Meester in real life, and he guest-starred on her show Single Parents.

Leighton and Adam on TV vs IRL

20. Jason Ritter is married to Melanie Lynskey, and he guest-starred on her show Candy.

Jason Ritter and Melanie Lynskey in "Candy" and IRL

21. Justin Timberlake, who's married to Jessica Biel, also guest-starred on her show Candy.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel in "Candy" and IRL

22. Kelly Ripa is married to Mark Consuelos in real life, and she played his mistress on Riverdale.

Kelly and Mark on Riverdale vs them IRL

23. Danneel Ackles is married to Jensen Ackles, and she appeared on a few episodes of his show Supernatural.

Jensen and Danneel on Supernatural vs them IRL

24. Troian Bellisario is married to Patrick J. Adams, and she appeared on his show Suits.

Patrick and Troian on Suits vs them IRL

25. Patrick J. Adams also appeared on Troian Bellisario's show Pretty Little Liars in hopes of winning her back...and it definitely worked because they got married in 2016.

Patrick and Troian on PLL vs them IRL

26. David Fumero has been married to Melissa Fumero since 2007, and he appeared on an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

David and Melissa on Brooklyn Nine Nine vs them IRL

Obviously, we can’t fit everyone in one post, but tell us YOUR favorite celebrity S.O. cameos in the comments!

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