Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner Took A Relationship Test, And 17 Other Things Famous People Did On TikTok This Week

    "So, I did my own acrylic nails..."

    1. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner took a relationship test and proved they were even cuter than we thought:

    2. Charli D'Amelio showed the world some of her most cursed pics:

    3. Lizzo twerked to "Bella's Lullaby" from Twilight, and TBH, it kinda slapped:

    4. David Dobrik channeled his cutesier side, and honestly, I think he nailed it:

    5. Pete Wentz proved that even in quarantine, he's got ~layers~:

    6. Addison Rae showed us the entire "Say So" dance instead of that little bit everyone already knows:

    7. Baby Ariel showed off what her nicknames would look like if they were people:

    8. Liza Koshy was living her absolute best life at Couchella 2020:

    9. Trisha Paytas showed off a Harley Quinn look that would make any cosplayer proud:

    10. Jason Derulo majestically ran to his kitchen for some munchies:

    11. Bretman Rock served some Easter Bunny realness:

    12. Loren Gray lowkey turned herself into a Sim and it was SO freaking cool:

    13. Laurie Hernandez did a handstand challenge that basically defied gravity:

    14. Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams sang us a lil' "Afternoon Delight":

    15. George Lopez and Valente Rodriguez had this mini reboot of the show George Lopez:

    16. Avani Gregg did her own acrylics and I'm only the sliiiiiiiiightest bit jealous:

    17. Shay Mitchell created this life hack for anyone spending their birthday in quarantine:

    18. And finally, the Dolan twins hilariously re-created this super adorable pic of them as babies: