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    Joe Jonas Finally Showed Off His Hot New Quarantine Look, And 16 Other Things Celebs Did On TikTok This Week

    "New look who dis?"

    Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed

    1. Jojo Siwa hilariously trolled herself and her iconic high pony:


    everyday of my life hahahah

    ♬ human - christina perri

    2. Joe Jonas showed off his hot new ~lewk~:

    3. Will Smith keeps making TikToks and his family is OVER👏 IT👏:


    I think they misunderstood the need for Face Masks.

    ♬ original sound - willsmith

    4. Chase Stokes reminded us that he is the one and only, John B.:


    Jesus that didnt feel great. Hope you enjoy. #johnb #outerbanks #obx

    ♬ original sound - micah.diazz

    5. Rudy Pankow recreated this iconic scene from Outer Banks (and officially joined TikTok!!!):


    LOOK WHAT Y’ALL MADE ME DO! THANKS @jonathandaviss #outerbanks#outerbankschallange#obx

    ♬ original sound - rudypankow

    6. Alyson Stoner proved that she's still ~really good~:

    7. Jenna Dewan showed the world just how good she is at multitasking by holding her baby and nailing a TikTok dance at the same time:

    8. Pete Wentz got wayyyyy too real about how he's been spending time in quarantine:


    2020’s shaping up to be pretty odd in quarantine 😜 create your version of this + tag me. gonna share my favs/might duet some 😏

    ♬ Check Your Phone - Cheap Cuts

    9. Nicole Scherzinger got all glammed up and channeled her inner "Grease Lightning":

    10. Addison Rae showed the world her hidden talent — juggling fruit:


    juggling different fruits everyday

    ♬ Dreams - 2018 Remaster - Fleetwood Mac

    11. Shay Mitchell got super serious about sticking to her daily routine while in quarantine:


    Experts recommend sticking to your daily routine, even when working from home. #beis #travel #quarantine #fyp

    ♬ Crowd - Loud Airport Terminal Sound Effect - Hollywood Sound Effects

    12. Loren Gray accidentally got a suuuuuuuper painful-looking sunburn and was in desperate need of some aloe vera:


    i can’t move. does anyone know how to fix this.

    ♬ aesthetic vibes - girly.aesthetics.daily

    13. Charli D'Amelio and her mom Heidi had some fun in the sun — TikTok style:

    14. Ashley Tisdale recreated one of her best HSM songs and sang with a *very* special guest:

    15. Arnold Schwarzenegger shared the secret to doing the splits:


    Flexibility is as important as the pump.

    ♬ original sound - arnoldschnitzel

    16. Jason Derulo made the infamous pancake cereal:

    17. Finally, David Dobrik and his crew ordered the world's largest pizza and honestly, I don't even know what I expected:


    The worlds largest pizza is absolutely nuts hahahaha

    ♬ original sound - daviddobrik