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    14 Super Hilarious Times Bill Hader Broke Character On "SNL"

    They're all equally hysterical, IMHO.

    1. In "Hollywood Dish with Scarlett Johansson," when Bill gave Kristen Wiig this unexpected slushie facial.

    2. In "The Californians," when Bill couldn't keep a straight face even if his life depended on it.

    3. In this "Weekend Update," where Bill cracked up after John Mulaney whispered into his ear.

    4. In "Girlfriends Game Night," after Bill accidentally ~redecorated~ the dining room while driving his wheelchair in reverse.

    5. In this sketch that was cut for time, "Renaldo and Alexi," where Bill couldn't even read the cue cards because he was laughing too hard.

    6. In "Scared Straight: Bullying with Betty White," when Betty White and Kenan Thompson got a liiiiittle too close for comfort.

    7. In "Super Showcase Spokesmodels," when Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig played with a rubber chicken.

    8. In "Weekend Update," when Bill just could not keep it together.

    9. In "Royal Family Doctor," when Martin Short's character made some great royal vagina puns.

    10. In "Short Term Memory Loss Theater," when Vince Vaughn's and Fred Armisen's characters had absolutely no idea what was going on.

    11. In "The Californians," when Bill made himself chuckle and then just couldn't stop laughing off-screen.

    12. In "Scared Straight: Underage Drinking with Tracy Morgan," when Bill certainly did not learn his lesson.

    13. In "Herb Welch: Falling Ice," when Bill was just too funny for his own good.

    14. And finally, in "Weekend Update," when New York's hottest club took a VERY dark and unexpected turn.

    Honestly, I think we can all agree when I say, Bill, please NEVER stop breaking character.