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    This Harry Potter Actress Has Drawn Your Most Ridiculous Lovesick Thoughts

    "Did you get my text reminding you that you haven't text me back?"

    This is Jessie Cave, who you may well recognise as Lavender Brown from Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

    As well as acting in Call the Midwife and Trollied and performing stand-up comedy, Cave draws cartoons, some of which are published in her new book, Love Sick.

    Ebury press

    Cave began to see herself as "more of a maker than an actor" after she felt rejected by Hollywood post-Potter. "I was treated like I shouldn't be there, that I should go straight back… It was the most traumatic experience of my life," she told The Independent.

    The cartoons explore the most maddening aspects of getting together and breaking up.

    Based on her own experiences with dating, Cave told The Independent, "I felt like this was a way of getting out those feelings of rejection and unrequited love."

    Jessie Cave / Via Twitter: @pindippycave

    Cave set up website, Pin Dippy, to share her drawings and other work, as well as challenging herself to draw a "doodle a day" on Twitter, from which her Love Sick series grew.

    The best thing about Cave’s cartoons is the way that they capture the completely ridiculous...

    ...but also very real things many of us think when we’ve had our minds bent by love.

    Who hasn't been there?

    Jessie Cave / Via Twitter: @pindippycave

    Cave's cartoons are seriously relatable and resonate strongly with her Twitter followers.

    @pindippycave Totally my ex. Pranced out in sexy lingerie after cleaning & cooking his fave meal. "Babe, can you move? I can't see ESPN." :(

    Best of all, they remind you that you’re probably not so alone after all.

    Jessie Cave / Via Twitter: @pindippycave