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    26 Badass Women All 90s British Girls Wanted To Be

    The Britpop years had serious Girl Power.

    1. Peta Brady as Cody Willis in Neighbours

    Grundy / Via Rexusa

    The second incarnation of Cody brought so much sass in grunge outfits to Ramsay Street.

    2. PJ Harvey

    tumblr / Via

    She added a glamorous darkness to your teenage angst.

    3. The Spice Girls

    giphy / Via

    Why even pick a favourite? They were all amazing.

    4. Shirley Manson

    Getty Images Frank Micelotta / Via

    She made snarling and scowling seem like the coolest things in the world.

    5. Anna Friel as Beth Jordache in Brookside

    Channel 4 / Via Rexusa

    She killed her evil dad, had a groundbreaking lesbian telly kiss and did it all wearing excellent chokers and floral dresses.

    6. Katie Grant, Rachel Jordache and Jackie Dixon in Brookside

    Nikki English/REX USA

    Sure, Beth Jordache had the mysterious cool-girl vibes, but this lot could have been the best girl band Merseyside never saw.

    7. Neneh Cherry


    Before Jamie Oliver went and ruined it, Buffalo Stance was basically your life mantra.

    8. All Saints

    AFP / Getty Images SINEAD LYNCH / Via

    As well as making you want combat trousers more than you ever thought you could, Melanie Blatt was a bastion of body confidence when she proudly displayed her bare baby bump.

    9. Melissa Joan Hart as Clarissa Darling in Clarissa Explains it All

    giphy / Via

    More than her excellent collection of patterned leggings and ripped jeans, you wanted her amazing room.

    10. Melissa Joan Hart as Sabrina Spellman in Sabrina the Teenage Witch

    giphy / Via

    Who wouldn't want to be able to magic an outfit change, tbf?

    11. Shampoo

    Getty / Via

    They totally legitimised your teenage obnoxiousness and penchant for pink faux fur.

    12. Cat Deeley on SMTV

    YouTube / Via

    Dicking around with Ant & Dec every Saturday, while being ten times funnier than both of them, legit looked like the most fun ever.

    13. Jennifer Aniston as Rachel in Friends

    Warner Brothers

    14. Gwen Stefani

    giphy / Via

    Before you knew cultural appropriation was problematic, you were all over copying Gwen's bindis, and are probably still all over her lipstick and sportswear combo.

    15. Michaela Strachan

    Capital Captures / Via

    Who didn't wish they could spend as much time messing around with animals while wearing the dangliest earrings around?

    16. Michelle Gayle

    BMG / Via

    Not just her sweetness, but her total badassness was your weakness.

    17. Gillian Anderson as Dana Scully in The X Files

    giphy / Via

    Scully's bullshit filter was set about ten times higher than Mulder's and she was a total pro at kicking alien arse in a cigarette smoking man's world.

    18. Louise Wener

    SAMANTHA PEARCE/PA Archive/Press Association Images / Via

    Sleeper's lead singer was perfect proof that women were as good at Britpop as all the lads dominating it.

    19. Eternal

    EMI / Via

    Teaching you the power of a woman via the power of their mega pipes.

    20. Justine Frischmann from Elastica


    Mainly because you were jealous that she was going out with Damon Albarn tbf. And because she was way cooler than him anyway.

    21. Brittany Murphy as Tai in Clueless

    giphy / Via

    Sure, Cher had the clothes, but Tai had all the attitude.

    22. Skin from Skunk Anansie

    PA Archive/Press Association Images FIONA HANSON

    If you didn't spend hours screaming along to "Weak" in your bedroom you were missing out.

    23. Nancy, Sarah, Rochelle and Bonnie in The Craft

    giphy / Via

    In reality you'd get the piss taken out of you if you pretended to be a witch at school, but in your mind, you were strutting around like these dudes.

    24. Danielle Brent as Gina Patrick in Hollyoaks


    When looking like someone who'd sneaked under the fence at Glastonbury seemed like the best idea ever, Gina was your poster girl.

    25. Courtney Love

    Giphy / Via

    The ultimate bad girl to be most definitely made you deliberately smudge your lipstick at least once.

    26. Danny Behr

    The Sunday Times/REX USA

    Messing around with the grossest lads on telly on The Word looked like the most fun ever.

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