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J.K. Rowling Confirmed That You Don't Have To Pay To Get Into Hogwarts

Proving once again that she's a woman of the people.

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Ever wondered how much you'd have to save up to get a magical education at Hogwarts? Well, wonder no more because J.K. Rowling just confirmed the cost: zilch.

@emmalineonline1 @micnews There's no tuition fee! The Ministry of Magic covers the cost of all magical education!

After an article was published on Mic estimating how much study would cost at the infamous fictional school, a fan tweeted Rowling to settle the debate.

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In addition to the cost of wands, owls and all of the other wizarding paraphernalia one would need for a year at Hogwarts, Mic decided that "while some insist that tuition at Hogwarts is free, we'll say that tuition must cost something," offering a hypothetical figure of $42,000 per year, which works out at around £27,000.

That would put Hogwarts roughly in line with Marlborough College, once attended by Kate Middleton, which costs non-boarding students £28,830 per year.

But Rowling confirmed that, "the Ministry of Magic covers the cost of all magical education," and that there are no tuition fees at Hogwarts.

Although Rowling has never spoken directly on her opinions about fee-paying schools, she is a vocal supporter of Labour after her experiences living on benefits, so it comes as little surprise that she would want Hogwarts to be accessible to all.

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Harry, Ron and Hermione never were rich kids, after all.