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23 Of The Sassiest Things Graham Norton Said During Eurovision

So. Much. Shade.

1. “OK… That’s three minutes we’ll never get back, but look at it this way: We’ll never have to hear that song again.”

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On Albania's entry.

2. "Oh, so this is where we feign interest?"

Ian West / PA Archive/Press Association Images

On the post-song filler section.

3. “Give them a nudge, every vote counts... Oh, I do hope we get some votes tonight.”

Giphy / Via

Speculating on the UK's nil points status.

4. "Even in 2015 it’s like there’s a tin can and string connecting us to some of these countries."

Ian West / PA Archive/Press Association Images

When Slovenia's live feed cut out during the results.

5. “He said he did something terrible as a boy. We don’t know what it was. It might have been write this song.”

Giphy / Via

On Norway.

6. Eurovision host: "It's really interesting to see people's emotions when they win." Graham: "It's not that interesting though, is it?"

Richard Gray / EMPICS Entertainment

Tell it like it is, Graham.

7. “They’re dressed like posh hospital workers from the future.”

Giphy / Via

On the UK.

8. “Her outfit does involve some roadkill. I fear some Georgian crows were harmed in the making of this act.”


On Georgia.

9. “She’s got that pan scourer thing in her hair.”

Tim P. Whitby / Getty Images

On Norway.

10. “Oh, Miriam, you’re hilarious.”


If we're playing the opposites game...

11. “Well, I’m not sure how that worked as a television spectacle."

Giphy / Via

On the live-band post-songs interlude.

12. "I think the man at the smoke machine nodded off at the beginning of that."

Channel 4

So much snark.

13. “Her name was unpronounceable so she decided to go by her nickname, which is Boggie. She could have called herself anything. Trixie-bell, Floo-Floo, but no. Boggie.”


On Hungary.

14. “That, if not the winner, is certainly top three.”

Giphy / Via

Saying what were all thinking about Sweden's "music."

15. “You still there? It’s over. It really is over!”


On one of the many, many long ballads.

16. “Huh? She’s pulled.”

Giphy / Via

On Estonia.

17. “Sweaty and smiley.”

Ian West / PA Archive/Press Association Images

On a particularly enthusiastic drummer.

18. “And it is quite a good song, but you won’t notice because you’ll be distracted by the…oh, let’s call them dancers.”

Matt Crossick / PA Wire/Press Association Images

19. “Oh, and Australia.”

Matt Crossick / PA Wire/Press Association Images

Saying what we were all thinking about the antipodean interlopers.

20. “Now we enter the 'awkward chat’ portion of the evening."

Ian West / PA WIRE

21. "Well that awkward chat's over... so let's start another one!"

Ian West / PA Wire/Press Association Images

On the post-song filler section.

22. “Well, already this is a great night for him. He’s actually made it through the semi-final. Which doesn’t happen much. Eight attempts, they’ve got through twice.”

Giphy / Via

On Cyprus.

23. "It’s obviously dress-down Saturday in Denmark."

Ian West / PA Archive/Press Association Images

On the Danish points-scorer's casual attire.

Graham, your sass has been duly noted.

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