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32 Things You Learn When You Move To Australia

Welcome to 'Straya mate.

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3. You learn to re-define the appropriate length of shorts. / Via Instagram: @beyonce

If there's no butt showing, they're too long.

4. Australia Day is basically just a drinking holiday. / Via Instagram: @jayymah

6. You won’t find coffee this good anywhere. / Via

11. Weekends are all about the beach and getting outdoors. / Via Instagram: @australia

15. The locals consider kangaroos a pest! / Via Instagram: @australia


19. ‘Cold’ weather to them is 20 degrees (Celsius). / Via Instagram: @australia

Anything below that is hella freezing.

20. For most of the summer it feels like you’re walking around in a sauna. / Via Instagram: @australia

That 'summer glow'? Yep, that's sweat.

27. The NRL is like a religion. / Via Instagram: @samburgess8

People actually loose their shit.

30. But Australians are among the friendliest people in the world. / Via Instagram: @australia

Yep, even the whales.

31. Everywhere you go there is another beautiful place to see and explore. / Via Instagram: @australia

32. And you wake up smiling knowing that you live in such a wonderful country. / Via Instagram: @australia
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