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    • lauraroseparris

      I got my first earlobe piercing at the age of 9 at Claire’s and due to my ridiculously large and thick earlobes they gave me special longer pins in the earring. Fast forward seven years and I decide to get my second earlobe piercing. Was told by the piercer that long pins for this piercing were unnecessary and she used the normal ones. Three days later, the small infection I had had with my first earlobe piercings returned, causing dry skin to grow all over my ear and weep constantly. This time it was a lot worse, and due to the sharp edges of the diamond stud on the front of the earring, coupled with my earlobe swelling, the earring embedded itself into my ear, the dry skin grew around it and it got stuck. My dad loosened the back with pliers and managed to get it undone and I took it out, but the infection never cleared up. I still have it now and I got the piercing 4 months ago.

    • lauraroseparris

      I do car boot sales with my mum, and last year my mum was selling a old DVD player in the first few minutes after we opened up. This Pakistani guy came up to us to buy it and my mum asked for £20. He wanted it for £5 (this was a good expensive player in like-new condition) and my mum refused. He then proceeded (for the entire day) to come back every 20 mins to see if we would give it to him yet. When we continued to refuse, instead of taking a higher price as he was clearly desperate for this thing, he eventually offered a pound for it, and then got angry when we kept saying no.  Another sale we did, a woman wanted to buy our vintage Monopoly set. She was our first customer of the day and we said £2. She accepted but the only money she had was a twenty pound note. First customer took all our change, and stood smoking a fag carelessly while we scrabbled around in our various cash boxes for change. She also couldn’t fort it into her tiny bag and took our best bag as well.  Once my mum sold a old Hoover to a guy for £10, and found it again an hour later, on his stall for £25. I bought a hot chocolate from a van and the woman splashed it on my hand. It was boiling water (literally just off the stove) and it was full right to the brim with no lid. I ended up with a massive burn on my hand, and it was so hot I could drink the thing for an hour. Also it was clearly just made worse cheap powder as it all congealed at the bottom of the mug like it wasn’t even stirred.  I HOPE YOU ALL DIE.

    • lauraroseparris

      On my 14th birthday, I got my presents the night before my birthday, because we had to go out early for the celebrations the next day so that morning didn’t really feel like my birthday, kind of like the day after because I got no new presents. We had a walk in the New Forest planned with loads of mates, loads of my sister’s friends and all their parents and my mum. We ended up in a little country cafe, run by a woman called Annie. It seemed perfectly respectable, was beautifully decorated and had lovely little outside tables and chairs surrounded by colourful flowers. All the parents sat outside and me and the other seven kids sat on a table inside. Apart from the wasps flying everywhere (attracted to the sugar bowls which we moved onto another table) it seemed lovely. Our mums came in to see what kind of food they did and it was cakes and scones and tea and coffee and stuff like that. Lisa (one of my sister’s friends mum’s) didn’t want cake or a scone, just a cup of coffee. Annie replied with “No, you cannot just have a cup of tea. We have a minimum spend, it is clearly advertised on 4 signs as you come in!” (which none of us had seen) Then she said “You can have a scone, cake and drink, or just a cake and a drink.”
      So poor Lisa was forced to buy a unwanted cake, which she gave to her daughter, Daisy.
      Another friend, April, asked if she did milkshakes and was rudely replied to (shouting) “Yes, I will bring the trolley out in a minute!” When we did finally get our cakes (which took at least twenty minutes) me and my friends were trying to annoy her as she was being so rude to us. We didn’t say thank you for our cakes and snatched everything off her without even looking at her. Me and my best friend ended up not finishing our cakes as they tasted really disgusting (plus, the jam was really lumpy, the scones were tiny and the cream was clearly just squirty cream sprayed into a bowl) and going out to the front garden and stroking her dog. It was funny because this woman was so rude and her food was terrible, we were debating why she still had customers.

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