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lashea77 • 3 years ago
lashea77 • 3 years ago

Re BuzzFeed Application: 5 Biopics Of Classic Singers To Watch When It's Too Hot To Go Outside

Sometimes air conditioning, popcorn and a good movie are all you need.

lashea77 • 3 years ago

RE BuzzFeed Application British Shows On Hulu That Will Have You In Your Feelings

Warning: You will experience a rollercoaster of emotions

lashea77 • 3 years ago

RE: BuzzFeed APPLICATION Top 5 DIY Projects I Have Saved To Pinterest That I'll Never Get Around To Doing

I love pinterest, I love diy projects, but I have no time to do many of the projects that I have very carefully pinned.

lashea77 • 3 years ago

The 6 Movies My Mom Thinks You Should Watch Right Now

I asked my mom what movies you should see immediately and this is what she came up with.

lashea77 • 4 years ago

Lemmy Butters

The sweetest, smartest dude around.

lashea77 • 5 years ago