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    Rachel Bilson Talked About How She And Rami Malek Patched Things Up After The Yearbook Photo Incident

    "He was so sweet."

    OK, let's do a quick refresher on the whole Rachel Bilson-Rami Malek drama.

    Rachel Bilson at the Christian Siriano show in February 2020

    Last month, Bilson appeared on an episode of Dax Shepard's Armchair Expert podcast and said that, after sharing a high school yearbook photo of her and Malek on Instagram, Malek requested through his stylist that she delete the post.

    Rami Malek at the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

    Well, on a recent episode of the LadyGang podcast, Bilson claimed that she and Malek finally got a chance to clear the air after the yearbook photo drama.

    "Rami and I have actually talked," Bilson explained on the podcast. "Since that came out, he connected with me and we're all good."

    "He was so sweet and we're totally fine now, and we talked about it and we're good."

    Bilson also claimed that she was "mortified" and had a "panic attack" after Malek asked her to take the photo down: "I had to go to therapy that day and I was like, 'I'm having anxiety. I did not want this to resurface in this way. I feel so bad.'"

    She went on to say Malek was gracious about the whole thing and that she was glad it was all resolved, saying, “I was just so happy we were able to squash it and move on. I get it and I totally understood. And he knew I wasn’t doing it with any ill intentions.”

    Glad to hear they've patched things up. Listen to the whole interview here.