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    Pete Davidson And Madelyn Cline Are Reportedly Dating — Here's How The Internet Reacted

    Hey, they both previously dated people named Chase. That is neat.

    There are three constants in life: Death, taxes, and dating news about Pete Davidson.

    pete in a velour suit throwing up a peace sign

    People reports multiple sources have confirmed that Pete is now dating Outer Banks star Madelyn Cline.

    There's no further information on this relationship just yet, other than the fact that it's taking place.

    The news comes after Pete ended his previous relationship with Bodies Bodies Bodies costar Chase Sui Wonders last month.

    pete's arm around chase as they sit on a couch

    "Both of them are focusing on themselves," one source told Entertainment Tonight at the time.

    Coincidentally, Madelyn also dated someone named Chase in the past — specifically, her Outer Banks costar Chase Stokes, whom she split from in October of 2021.

    the two kissing on stage

    There were also rumors that Madelyn and Zack Bia were dating — which Zack basically denied last year.

    As they often do, the internet had some opinions on this latest development in Pete's personal life:

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    We'll see what happens next!