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    Kristen Stewart Talked About When She Actually Met Her Fiancé, Dylan Meyer, And How Their Engagement Party Was

    "I'm thankful for that."

    In case you missed it, Kristen Stewart got engaged to Dylan Meyer in November of last year.

    Stewart and Meyer walk down the street holding hands

    During a recent appearance on Live With Kelly and Ryan, the actor revealed how long she knew Meyer before they got together officially.

    Stewart walks in front of Meyer

    "We met years ago and then sort of re-met before the pandemic," she explained. "And we got engaged — I guess it's still the pandemic, so yes, I guess it's a pandemic engagement."

    Stewart goes shopping with Meyer

    "But it wasn't at the height; it wasn't full lockdown. We were kind of moving about the world a little more freely at the time."

    Stewart puts her hand to her ear

    But Stewart also mentioned that she and Meyer did get to celebrate the occasion their own way. "We did have an engagement party, which was nice and lucky and obviously not something we could have done now, so I'm thankful for that."

    Stewart poses for a photo at a step-and-repeat

    All we need to know now is if Guy Fieri still plans on officiating their wedding.

    Stewart puts her hand through her hair

    Watch the entire interview clip here.