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Julia Fox Wore A Bra-And-Balaclava Outfit At Milan Fashion Week That Has To Be Seen To Be Believed

Another week, another extreme look by Julia, who's becoming an expert at pulling this kind of thing off at this point.

If there's one thing Julia Fox loves, it's a strong fashion statement.

julia wearing a dress that looks like it's made of shredded paper

As of late, Julia seems to be pulling off some of her wildest looks during various Fashion Week events.

julia wearing a dress with a hand choking her

Like, remember this see-through Saran Wrap-inspired dress she wore at New York Fashion Week earlier this month?

closeup of Julia

Julia stepped out this past week for Milan Fashion Week, and her latest look was typically out-there.

julia in an all-leather outfit

She rocked a balaclava-esque face mask that only revealed her eyes — and was connected to a thin strip of fabric over her chest that functioned as a top.

Julia wearing the top with a fitted long skirt on the street

Of course, she was wearing her signature dramatic eyeshadow look, too.

closeup of julia's eyes showing

Her accompanying skirt was super-low-cut in the back, too — another sneaky twist in an outfit that's essentially one big twist.

julia's butt crack revealed

So whaddya think? Is Julia's latest outfit as extreme as when she wore so much denim that even her purse looked like a pair of jeans?

julia in all denim

What about when she hit the streets of Los Angeles wearing little more than a few metal rings and some vinyl?

julia walking

What if...the most extreme Julia Fox look is one that we haven't even seen yet?

julia sitting on a large couch

Guess we'll just have to wait and find out.

closeup of julia