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Julia Fox Hit The Streets Of Los Angeles In One Of Her Riskiest Looks Yet

Julia gonna Julia.

If there's one thing you can count on Julia Fox for, it's making very extra fashion statements.

Julia in an all-leather outfit

When Julia hits the town, she's sure to be rocking a look that will, at the very least, turn heads — and her latest style choice is no exception.

julia wearing a dress with wavy fringe around the arms

Earlier this week, the model and actor was photographed in Los Angeles wearing a...dress? Yeah, let's call it a dress.

julia outside wearing a two-piece stringy number in latex not covering much

Julia's donned garb was essentially several large strips of latex held together by a few strategically placed metal rings...and that's it.

julia walking down the street in the "dress"

She also wore see-through heels and dramatic eye makeup, carrying a metallic-colored clutch as an accessory.

julia outside

All in all, it was a pretty extreme — and risky — look.

Then again, risky looks are the name of Julia's game. Remember when she went grocery shopping in her underwear?

julia in the parking lot in underwear and long denim jacket

Or this look from the 2022 Vanity Fair Oscar Party, where it looked like her dress was literally choking her?

close up of julia

Can't forget about this all-denim look...

julia posing outside

Or her ultra-low-rise pants that she wore just last week.

julia walking with friends

What will she wear next? Only time will tell...

the backside of julia's dress barely covering her butt