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Julia Fox Wore The Most NSFW Low-Rise Pants I've Ever Seen

"Y2K Mr. Tumnus."

Look, there is a lot of terrible news going on in the world right now. It's a lot for any one person to take. So let's take a moment to inhale, exhale, and come together over Julia Fox's low-rise pants.

close up of julia in dark eye makeup and large earrings

As the low-rise trend has unfortunately come barreling back into pop culture, Julia has undoubtedly been an avid proponent.

julia wearing very low jeans and a v-shaped bra top

An unsurprising move from Julia "wore underwear to the supermarket" Fox, right?

julia loading her car with groceries while wearing underwear under a long denim jacket

Well, we've reached new levels of low-rise, folks! In a night out with Christine Quinn, Amelia Gray, and CT Hedden things got rather intense:

What a screenshot to have on my work computer!

Christine Quinn, Amelia Gray, CT Hedden and Julia walking together with julia's pants barely covering anything

Work those Liza Keane pants!

Someone said "Y2K Mr. Tumnus" and I can't unsee it.

julia fox in her low-rise jeans ready to bare it all

Unsurprisingly, Julia's name began to trend:

cultivating big Julia Fox energy (letting my pussy out at the function)

Twitter: @gnosticmilf

I appreciate how slutty julia fox is keeping things as we backslide into an ever more repressive state

Twitter: @alanamayjohnson

In short:

julia fox wakes up in her queen sized bed and wipes off her heavy black eyeshadow from last night. she walks downstairs to grab a scissor to tear apart an outfit and create a new one as her iphone 13 max fires off notifications in the distance. it’s gonna be a good day.

Twitter: @juliafoxsource