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    Jesse Williams Is Leaving "Grey's Anatomy" And Says He's "Immensely Proud" Of His Time On The Show

    "I have been obscenely lucky to learn so much."

    Warning: Spoilers follow for the most recent episode of Grey's Anatomy.

    When it comes to Grey's Anatomy, always expect the unexpected — especially when it comes to this season's plotlines.

    The original cast of Grey's Anatomy

    And with not much left to the current season, there's one more twist to come: Jesse Williams (who plays Jackson Avery, of course) is leaving the show after 12 seasons — and his last episode airs next week.

    Jesse Williams sits back with a beer in Grey's Anatomy

    If you've watched this week's episode, the news might not come as a total surprise. Along with a reunion with ex April (Sarah Drew), Jackson revealed his plans to move to Boston to take over the Catherine Fox Foundation for his mother.

    Williams walks through a door towards Sarah Drew in Grey's Anatomy

    Still, Williams' departure is a momentous occasion, and he issued a statement to express his gratitude for his long stay on the show.

    “As an actor, director and person," he wrote, "I have been obscenely lucky to learn so much from so many and I thank our beautiful fans, who breathe so much energy and appreciation into our shared worlds."

    "The experience and endurance born of creating nearly 300 hours of leading global television is a gift I’ll carry always."

    "I am immensely proud of our work, our impact and to be moving forward with so many tools, opportunities, allies and dear friends.”

    Farewell, Jesse. Although, who knows. You could be back again one day. After all, it is Grey's Anatomy.