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    Bobby Berk, Naomi Watts, And More Celebs Couldn't Get Enough Of Drew Barrymore's Sweet Throwback Memory Of Meeting Tom Holland For The First Time

    "As always, i am cheering you on!!!!!!”

    Everyone loves Tom Holland — even Drew Barrymore!

    Tom Holland at a red carpet event

    It turns out that Barrymore and Holland actually go way back — specifically, 2011, as Drew revealed in an Instagram post with a photo of when the two of them first met.

    Barrymore shared the memory and mentioned that she first saw the photo surface on a Tom Holland IG fan account, and she "didn’t know there was a record of this pic!"

    Barrymore smiles at an event

    "I remember meeting you what was it? 2011?," Barrymore wrote. "And I was so captivated by you. And I had just watched your movie and we were meeting about a project I was going to direct and I truly thought you were the most impressive and incredible person as well as such an extraordinary talent!"

    Holland waves while walking

    "But! Watching you grow up! Fall in love with the greatest women @zendaya and become our hero! From Spider-Man to the greatest dancer in a billy Elliot and @lipsyncbattle And now you will play Fred Astaire hopefully ??? There is nothing you can’t and won’t do!"

    Zendaya and Tom Holland pose for a picture together

    "I send you and your lady the very best! As always, i am cheering you on!!!!!!"

    Holland looks at the camera

    Naturally, other celebs couldn't get enough of Drew's shoutout — from Queer Eye's Bobby Berk...

    Bobby's IG comment

    To Naomi Watts...

    Naomi's IG comment

    Even JWoww chimed in. It's true — everyone really does love Tom Holland!

    JWoww's comment

    Check out Drew's entire post here.