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    Daniel Radcliffe Explained Why He Didn't Feel Starstruck While Making The "Harry Potter" Films

    "It's sort of hard."

    Daniel Radcliffe got his start as Harry Potter's titular wizard in the iconic series of films — and from the beginning he was amidst loads of famous British actors.

    Daniel Radcliffe stares into the distance as Harry Potter
    Warner Bros / courtesy Everett Collection

    But Radcliffe recently revealed in an interview with Stephen Colbert that, actually, he wasn't too fazed by being around such esteemed acting talent in the beginning.

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    “At the time I wasn’t starstruck by any of those people,” he explained, before revealing the first time he was starstruck by another actor on set.

    Radcliffe as Harry Potter with blood running down his temple
    Murray Close / Warner Bros / courtesy Everett Collection

    “The first person I remember being starstruck by was Gary Oldman," Radcliffe recalled.

    Gary Oldman sits at a table while looking at another character with a glass in front of him
    Warner Bros / courtesy Everett Collection

    The Oscar-winning actor first appeared as Sirius Black in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban in 2004.

    "That was the age when I was aware of who he was and his work and also getting more serious about acting myself,” Radcliffe continued.

    Radcliffe stands next to his costars Emma Watson and Rupert Grint in their Hogwarts uniforms
    Murray Close / Warner Bros / courtesy Everett Collection

    For perspective: When Azkaban came out, Radcliffe was 15 years old.

    Radcliffe went on to explain that "when you meet someone as a 9-year-old it’s sort of hard to like, gain starstruckness of them later on," which makes a lot of sense.

    Radcliffe clutches an orb and brandishes his wand at his side as Harry Potter
    Murray Close / Warner Bros / courtesy Everett Collection

    Watch the entire interview here.

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