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    Here's How Chelsea Clinton And Hillary Clinton Reacted To The Capitol Riots

    "It's just horrifying to me."

    Pretty much everyone in the world is still reeling from the deadly riots that took place at the Capitol yesterday.

    A large group of pro-Trump protesters stand on the East steps of the Capitol Building

    While appearing on The Drew Barrymore Show, Chelsea Clinton talked about breaking the news of the attempted coup to her mother, Hillary Clinton.

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    "I spoke to my mom yesterday at about 3 [p.m.]," she explained. "She had just come back from a walk and ... she hadn't seen what had happened."

    Furniture is seen knocked down inside the US Capitol building after the siege

    Chelsea continued, "I said, 'Mom, you have to turn on the television,' and there was just silence ... so much sadness, and also so much anger, that this was happening."

    Several people crouched on the floor as they hide behind a barricaded door

    She added, "When we spoke again later last night, there was a real sense of, 'We have to hold people accountable,' because we do ... the insurrectionists, the terrorists, the mob who overwhelmed our Capitol."

    Crowds gather outside the U.S. Capitol carrying Trump and MAGA flags

    Chelsea said, "We have to hold those individuals accountable. And we have to hold our president accountable — who incited them, egged them on."

     Supporters of US President Donald Trump stand next to media equipment they destroyed during their riot

    She explained, "While it's good that Twitter and Facebook and Instagram have locked [Trump's] account, it's insufficient, to put it mildly. We have to stop not only the amplification but the injection of hate and instability and violence that he has personified over the last years."

    A supporter of President Trump wears a gas mask and holds a bust of him after he and hundreds of others stormed the Capitol

    Chelsea also told Drew that she felt "achingly sad" watching "insurrectionists storm our Capitol."

    Protesters attempt to enter the U.S. Capitol Building

    "It hadn't happened since 1814, since the War of 1812, when the British invaded our country... We had white nationalist terrorists effectively overwhelm our Capitol, terrorize our elected men and women of Congress, our Capitol Police."

    Supporters, many without masks, of US President Donald Trump yelling as they riot inside the US Capitol

    She said, "It's just horrifying to me. And then trying to explain what was happening to our children. I'm very sad today."

    Pro-Trump supporters stand on a piece of scaffolding and wave Trump flags

    Chelsea continued, "I am incredibly grateful and proud that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will indeed be our next president and vice president of the United States. I'm holding that pride deep in my heart and my soul."

    US President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris stand onstage after delivering remarks after being declared the winners of the presidential election