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    I Can't Stop Watching This Video Of Baby Yoda Enjoying Some Tunes On The Set Of "The Mandalorian"

    Goals, tbh.

    Ever wonder what it's like to just see Baby Yoda — sorry, Grogu — just hanging out and vibing on the set of The Mandalorian?

    Grogu aka the Child aka Baby Yoda

    Well, wonder no longer. Robert Rodriguez — who directed The Mandalorian's second season episode "Chapter 14: The Tragedy" — has shared a video of him playing guitar while Grogu is just bopping around enjoying the tunes. It's adorable.

    Here’s a Christmas present to all those who asked me what it’s like to hang out with Baby Yoda on the set of #TheMandalorian #TheTragedy. Check out #DisneyGallery for more behind the scenes!

    @Rodriguez / Twitter / Via Twitter: @Rodriguez

    I mean, seriously, just look at how happy the little guy is.

    Look at him.

    If you want more behind-the-scenes goodness from this season of The Mandalorian, Disney+ just put out Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian, an hour-long special featuring BTS footage of filming.

    THE MANDALORIAN, from left: The Child (aka Baby Yoda), Pedro Pascal (as The Mandalorian)

    Or, y'know, you could just watch that video of Baby Yoda listening to music for an hour instead. It's your call.