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Aaron Rodgers Publicly Apologized To Shailene Woodley For His COVID-19 Vaccine Comments After They Broke Up

"I never wanted to be divisive in this whole thing. I really didn’t."

In case you missed it: Last week, Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley split up, effectively ending their engagement.

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You might also remember the furor around Rodgers' controversial comments about the COVID-19 vaccine last year, as well as his contracting COVID after revealing that he wasn't vaccinated.

Rodgers looks in the distance while wearing a hat
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During a lengthy interview on The Pat McAfee Show last year, Rodgers said he wouldn't "acquiesce to some woke culture or crazed group of individuals who say you have to do something" in regards to getting vaccinated.

Rodgers recently appeared on The Pat McAfee Show, again, to address how his comments about the COVID-19 vaccine impacted those around him.

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“One thing that I am sad about and definitely apologetic is I didn’t realize in the midst of the COVID conversations how much my situation was affecting my loved ones and my people,” he said.

Rodgers looks in the distance while wearing a helmet
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“I didn’t realize the kind of shrapnel that was being flaked off of what I felt like were the bullets coming at me because I was too locked in on me and defending myself and trying to get a message out.”

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Rodgers then directly apologized to "those people, Shai and my loved ones," saying he was "very sorry" for the blowback that they encountered because of his comments.

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“I never wanted to be divisive in this whole thing. I really didn’t,” he also said. “The issue is polarizing, I get that, and I know there’s a lot of fear involved around that, but my intention was never to be divisive.”

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Head to the CDC's website for more information about the COVID-19 vaccine.