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    If "Whaboom" Guy Wasn't Bad Enough, He's Now Selling "Whaboom" Shirts

    I mean, honestly.

    If you're like me, you watched the premiere of The Bachelorette with perfect angel Rachel Lindsay.

    If you're also like me, you then unfortunately had to live through "Whaboom" contestant, aka Lucas Yancey, aka the current bane of our existence.

    I just...

    ANYWAY, like I said, it gets worse. That's right, worse! Because there are now "Whaboom" shirts for sale.

    Mr. "WhaaaBoooom" himself is selling them on his own website (????????) for $15.

    Or you can buy this other replica of the shirt the man himself wore on the first night for just $23.10.

    If that one isn't really your style — don't worry! You can also get this version for $22.94.

    I cannot.

    Hi, Rachel? It's us, the entire world. Please send him home. Thx.