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25 Women With Eyebrows Worth Envying

It's all about the brow.

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1. This woman who has no shame in her eyebrow game.

2. This woman who can arch her eyebrows like NOBODY'S BUSINESS.

3. This lady who just gave us serious eyebrow goals.

4. This lady with eyebrows to die for.

5. And this lady with a beautiful flower in her hair that we barely notice because BROWS.

6. This woman with ombre eyebrows and oh my god, wow. 😍

7. This woman who makes us want to get a brow brush immediately.

8. And this woman who just slayed our hearts with her brows.

9. This lady who could literally be queen of eyebrow town.

10. And this lady who we want to teach us how to brow ASAP.

11. This lady who proves the BUSH IS BACK.

12. This lady who turns heads with her brows.

13. And this lady who is doing literally everything right.

14. This lady whose brows make us feel things.

15. And this woman whose brows make our hearts skip a beat.

16. This lady whose brows could be the subject of a new religion.

17. And this woman who has a PhD in eyebrow arching.

18. This woman whose brows just made a bucket hat look like the best damn thing in the world.

19. This lady who is not only a pro at the cat-eye look, but also killing the brow game which seems unfair.

20. This lady who should give lessons on the brow selfie game.

21. This lady who is just damn gorgeous.

22. This lady who proves a good brow is really all you need for a good day.

23. This lady who belongs in a magazine.

24. This lady who needs a damn runway for her brows.

25. And this lady who just killed us all with her beautiful brows. 👼