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32 Questions We Have Every Time We Watch "Fixer Upper" On HGTV

Why do you spend money on a gigantic picture of a house?

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Get yourself in the mood and let's begin!

1. How are there so many families wanting to buy a house in the Waco area? Oh, because you can get a 4,600 square foot house for $140K. Got it.

2. Is Chip a real name?

3. Is that short for something?

4. What would Chip even be short for?

5. I know that they love each other, but why do Chip and Joanna always stand with their arms around each other? Wouldn't your arms get sore?

6. How is there always money in the budget for one of the three ~special projects~?

7. And how far in advance do Chip and Joanna see these houses? They come up with an entire plan PRETTY QUICKLY.

8. What happens to the other rooms in the house that they don't show?

9. Are those left alone?


10. Is shiplap a real thing or did they just make that up?

11. Are Chip and Joanna licensed real estate agents?

12. Does anyone ever move to Waco specifically to have Chip and Joanna do their house? We would.

13. How many children do Chip and Joanna even have?

14. Why are homes so cheap in Waco?

15. Who comes up with the "names" to identify the different house options? Is it Chip? Names like..."Nut House."

16. Are there any apartment buildings in this city or does everyone live in a house with like 5 acres of land?

17. How many animals live on their farm?

18. How in the world are there homes this big that cost under $100,000?

19. Who makes those drawings of the new design that they put over the current design, and why don't they add just a little more detail?

20. Why do their clients always pretend they don't know which house on the block they're going to see? GPS, yanno?

21. Do they ever fix up homes in a different style?

22. How do these home buyers always manage to come up with extra room in their budget when problems arise?

23. What if they want all THREE special projects? Is that allowed?

24. How long does it take for one episode to be filmed?

25. Can Joanna come renovate our studio apartments? Y/N?

26. Does every home in Texas have shiplap just waiting underneath the drywall?

27. Wait…do they get to keep this furniture?

28. Does Joanna just stage these homes and then move it all out when the cameras leave?

29. How much money do those giant posters of the "before" house cost?

30. Where do you even get one of those made?

31. Why don't you just use a blindfold...?