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    Nov 9, 2014

    24 Perfectly Emo Myspace Pictures

    BuzzFeed staff share their most Myspace-esque photos from a special phase in their life. Add YOURS in the comments.

    1. Alexis Nedd

    Alexis Nedd for BuzzFeed

    "Here I am, serving up neon emo realness, aka AlxAuthority 3k pc4pc. Basically, I just figured out what photoshop was two weeks before this picture was taken."

    2. Morgan Shanahan

    Morgan Shanahan for BuzzFeed

    "Photobooth was an emo kid's haven."

    3. Alex Alvarez

    Alex Alvarez for BuzzFeed

    "Hide behind your shoulder or don't hide at all."

    4. Kaye Toal

    Kaye Toal for BuzzFeed

    "You can sort of see that I am wearing a Taking Back Sunday shirt."

    5. Emmy Favilla

    Emmy Favilla for BuzzFeed

    "Yeah, I had a red mullet."

    6. Julie Gerstein

    Julie Gerstein for BuzzFeed

    ​"Still in my emo phase, forever. But also, definitely in high school."

    7. Lara Parker

    Lara Parker for BuzzFeed

    "Feelin' SUPER sad about that Tupperware."

    8. Julia Pugachevsky

    "This photo was taken as a joke but my feelings were ~real.~"

    *Not pictured: handcuff necklace; black lace, fingerless gloves, and clip-in fuchsia streaks.

    9. Rachel Zarrell

    Rachel Zarrell

    "Spiked necklace and all."

    10. Ira Madison III

    Ira Madison III for BuzzFeed

    "I had emotions about Grease 2."

    11. Jace Lacob

    Jace Lacob for BuzzFeed

    "Because the late '90s..."

    12. Javi Moreno

    Javi Moreno for BuzzFeed

    "I was a kid, it was the '00s, and I thought it was cool to dress up in dark colors and be pissed off. I also lived on the border and they didn't care how old you were when it came to piercings. Hence, the eyebrow studs."

    13. Alex Naidus

    Alex Naidus for BuzzFeed

    "Trust me, I was emo."

    14. Summer Anne Burton

    Summer Anne Burton for BuzzFeed

    "Yep. Those tights and overall displeasure for the world."

    15. Kate Nocera

    Kate Nocera for BuzzFeed

    "Hello, sparkly chocker necklace."

    16. Ellie Hall

    Ellie Hall for BuzzFeed

    "Taken at a Cobra Starship concert... obviously."

    17. Ryan Broderick

    Ryan Broderick for BuzzFeed

    "I took this photo yesterday."

    18. Ben Smith

    Ben Smith for BuzzFeed

    "Very melodramatic."

    19. Macey J. Foronda

    Macey J. Foronda for BuzzFeed

    "I'm still in my goth phase, by the way."

    20. Ashley Ford

    Ashley Ford for BuzzFeed

    "Myspace was a weird time."

    21. Conz Preti

    Conz Preti fro BuzzFeed

    "A jacket featuring a heart with bones through it, obviously."

    22. Jack Shepard

    Jack Shepard for BuzzFeed

    "Stick it to the man."

    23. Arianna Rebolini

    Arianna Rebolini for BuzzFeed

    "Look up and to the side or go home."

    24. And, of course, Matt Stopera fake crying in photos

    Matt Stopera for BuzzFeed

    "NOT SO FAST..."

    Add your best/worst pictures from your Myspace days in the comments below!

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