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    "Summer House" Is A Great TV Show, So We Tried The Loverboy Hard Teas From The Show

    Summer should be fun!

    Hello friends and welcome to another edition of "do we watch too much Bravo?" Today we are here to discuss one of the most important shows of our generation: Summer House.

    Two of the show's cast members, Amanda and Kyle, created a sparkling hard tea called Loverboy. Their friend and castmate Carl also works for the drink brand now. Every scene of the show features at least one can of Loverboy. Loverboy is basically a cast member at this point. So we felt we had no choice but to get our hands on this drink and tell the masses what we thought.

    We got three different flavors of the original sparkling hard tea: Hibiscus Pom, Lemon Iced Tea, and White Tea Peach.

    An image of three boxes of Loverboy sparkling hard tea in hibiscus pom, lemon iced tea, and white tea peach flavors

    Hi, we're Lara, Casey, and Ehis. We love to watch Summer House and we also possess taste buds. For that reason, we're here today to let you know our thoughts on Loverboy.

    First flavor: Hibiscus Pom

    Second flavor: Lemon Iced Tea

    Third flavor: White Tea Peach

    All in all, would we drink this again? The answer is an absolute yes.

    Check out the rest of the flavors and different types of beverages that Loverboy offers here. They also have merch and yes, we bought some. Please just support us and our weird obsession with this show.