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    "Summer House" Is A Great TV Show, So We Tried The Loverboy Hard Teas From The Show

    Summer should be fun!

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    Hello friends and welcome to another edition of "do we watch too much Bravo?" Today we are here to discuss one of the most important shows of our generation: Summer House.


    For those of you who don't know, Summer House is a reality TV show that airs on Bravo. It follows a group of friends who live in New York City and rent a summer house (haha, get it?) together every summer in the Hamptons. If you're thinking, That doesn't sound that interesting, you are not alone! We were once naive souls about this show, too. But five seasons later, here we are writing an entire piece about trying some of the cast members' sparkling hard tea drinks. Life, man.

    Two of the show's cast members, Amanda and Kyle, created a sparkling hard tea called Loverboy. Their friend and castmate Carl also works for the drink brand now. Every scene of the show features at least one can of Loverboy. Loverboy is basically a cast member at this point. So we felt we had no choice but to get our hands on this drink and tell the masses what we thought.

    We got three different flavors of the original sparkling hard tea: Hibiscus Pom, Lemon Iced Tea, and White Tea Peach.

    An image of three boxes of Loverboy sparkling hard tea in hibiscus pom, lemon iced tea, and white tea peach flavors
    Lara Parker for BuzzFeed

    Editor's note: We tried to get our hands on the newest Espresso Martini drink as well but we weren't successful.

    Hi, we're Lara, Casey, and Ehis. We love to watch Summer House and we also possess taste buds. For that reason, we're here today to let you know our thoughts on Loverboy.

    Casey Rackham

    First flavor: Hibiscus Pom

    Lara Parker for BuzzFeed

    Lara's thoughts on Hibiscus Pom: I really wanted to like this one because the whole concept of Hibiscus Pom sounds tropical and like a situation that I want to be a part of. Plus, I like the packaging! Good job Amanda. But unfortunately this flavor tasted just a little too artificial to me. There was definitely the dreaded aftertaste, which is likely due to the monk fruit and not actually anything artificial since the drink doesn't have anything artificial in it, for the record. But listen, if someone offered me a Loverboy Hibicus Pom or some shitty beer, Loverboy wins every time. So that's something.

    Casey's thoughts on Hibiscus Pom: First of all, I know Lara already said this, but can we talk about how beautiful this can is? It's a really pretty can!!! The Hibiscus Pom inside of it? I have mixed feelings. It definitely has a fake sugar aftertaste BUT I will say that I love that I can't taste any weird alcohol aftertaste. It basically tastes like a great tea with fake sugar, which, to be honest, many people do enjoy. Also, this can. Why can't I stop talking about this goddamn gorgeous can?

    Ehis's thoughts on Hibiscus Pom: Chiming in, once again, to talk about how TOP-TIER this packaging is. Like, can we all agree that this was Amanda's brainchild and probs not Kyle's? Just me? OK. Now, on to the taste: I'm not gonna lie, there's an artificial aftertaste with this one BUT I kinda don't mind it? It doesn't burn like alcohol when you're drinking it so I need some kind of reminder that there's liquor in these bevvies, or else I'mma be knocking these back like they do on Summer House. I can also DEF taste the ~kissed with lime~ flavor, which I really really like. It's like a spiked Starbucks hibiscus refresher.

    Second flavor: Lemon Iced Tea

    Lara Parker for BuzzFeed, Casey Rackham for BuzzFeed

    Lara's thoughts on Lemon Iced Tea: I love this one! It was my favorite of the three flavors I tried. Big Arnold Palmer energy, which is some of the best energy a drink could have, IMO. It has a slight artificial taste but mostly just tastes like an alcohol iced tea, which is exactly what it's supposed to taste like. I will 10/10 be drinking this one again.

    Casey's thoughts on Lemon Iced Tea: Okay, okay, okay, we've got some Snapple/Arizona Iced Tea on our hands. Still not the biggest fan of the sugar taste BUT I'm loving the hint of ginger and the fact that it actually tastes like hard tea. And you know what would probably make this even better? Having it in a tall glass with ice.

    Ehis's thoughts on Lemon Iced Tea: I was not a huge fan of this one. BUT I'm also not super keen on Arnold Palmers, which is what this tastes like. Like, objectively, it's a solid beveragino, but for someone who isn't super into lemon/ginger bevs β€” it reminds me of the Theraflu my dad used to make me drink as a kid β€” you can understand why this one isn't exactly my ~cup of tea~.

    Third flavor: White Tea Peach

    Lara Parker for BuzzFeed, Ehis Osifo for BuzzFeed

    Lara's thoughts on White Tea Peach: I am going to give this drink a solid 7/10. It has a slight monk fruit taste similar to the Hibiscus Pom flavor, which I personally don't like as much as the Lemon Iced Tea flavor, but it's still pretty dang good. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with this drink. And it had my favorite color scheme. My biggest complaint? That is only has 4.2% alcohol. I'm trying to get a little tipsy and convince my friends to rent a summer house with me, you know?

    Casey's thoughts on White Tea Peach: Something to know about me is that I hate peach-flavored things. But this drink? I didn't hate it!!! It still tastes a little artificial to me but I could definitely see myself drinking this by the pool.

    Ehis's thoughts on White Tea Peach: OK, for me, I could REALLY taste the monk fruit (aka the natural sweetener they use) on this one. Do with that information what you will. But I liked it! I like peach so I'm not super surprised, but I didn't get much lavender. I will say, though, after trying all of these, IDK how anyone is able to get sloshed in that house when this is all they drink and there's like a whisper of alcohol in it. But, for the purposes of taste testing in the middle of a workday, these drinks hit the spot.

    All in all, would we drink this again? The answer is an absolute yes.

    Bravo TV / Via

    Check out the rest of the flavors and different types of beverages that Loverboy offers here. They also have merch and yes, we bought some. Please just support us and our weird obsession with this show.

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