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    We Tested Sweatproof Makeup And It Was Actually Awesome

    We don't really sweat... we glisten.

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    Hello world, three ladies here who enjoy wearing makeup... that is, unless it's at the gym. Because who wants to sweat while wearing makeup!?

    Sheridan, Lara, and Nina

    But, recently we heard about the makeup brand Sweat Cosmetics. They created makeup that is MEANT to be worn while sweating. WHAT??


    The line was created and tested by professional Olympic athletes who probably sweat a lot more than we do.

    So, being the adventurous people that we are, we decided to put the makeup to the test and see how it held up.

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    We decided to try out the Mineral Foundation ($42) and their highlighter ($24) and bronzer ($24).

    Lindsay Webster
    Lindsay Webster

    The first thing we noticed about the foundation is that it was seriously lacking in color options.

    The foundation only comes in five shade options, which seems crazy when you think about how everyone's skin is different.

    The second thing we noticed about the foundation is that it can be a little bit difficult to disperse from the brush head.

    Lindsay Webster

    The powder only comes out of a small opening in the brush the first time you use it. But once you shake it a bit and use some force, it disperses more easily.

    Once we got the makeup dispersed we applied it to our skin...we were pleasantly surprised.

    Nina wore Shade 400 and liked the feel of the powder, but felt like the color made her look ashy.

    Lindsay Webster

    Lara wore Shade100 and was surprised at how light the powder felt on her skin and felt like the highlight made her look better than ever.

    Lindsay Webster

    And Sheridan wore Shade 300 and didn't like how the powder was difficult to blend.

    Lindsay Webster

    Once we got the makeup on, we worked out with a personal trainer to get SWEATY.

    Lindsay Webster

    Suffice to say, we got very sweaty. But the makeup? It actually held up SO WELL.

    Lindsay Webster

    Here's Sheridan's before and after:

    Lindsay Webster

    Sheridan's thoughts about the makeup: Look, I had ZERO expectations for this. Sweat and makeup is a pretty much a recipe for a disaster. But here's the thing, this makeup looked better after a hard workout. I don't know if it's sorcery, but the fact that the foundation didn't turn into a clumpy, flaky hot mess blows my mind.

    Here's Lara's before and after:

    Lindsay Webster

    Lara's thoughts about the makeup: Before this experiment, I never in my life would wear makeup to workout. Even just talking about it makes me break out in hives. It feels so heavy and cake-y on your face... UGH UGH UGH. But I was so shocked at how much I liked this makeup. It felt like I wasn't wearing anything, but my skin looked amazing. And after an hour+ of working out, my skin somehow looked BETTER? I mean, wow. Also, I did not break out days later. Am I gonna start wearing makeup while I work out now???? I guess so.

    And here's Nina's before and after:

    Lindsay Webster

    Nina's thoughts about the makeup: I was disappointed with its range of shades, since it doesn't seem like it would serve women with very dark skin. However, the product worked very well. Since it's powder-y I figured it would turn my face into clump city, but it stayed put.

    All in all, we thought the Sweat makeup was badass. And now we patiently await the invention of sweat-proof eyeliner and lipstick.

    Lindsay Webster