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    This Is What Getting A Vampire Facial Is Actually Like

    Warning: blood ahead.

    Hello people of the world, Sheridan and Lara here and we love trying things that celebrities do.

    Sheridan and Lara

    So a couple of years ago when we both witnessed Kim Kardashian getting the "vampire facial" on TV, we knew that one day the time would come when we would want to do the same.


    So, no surprise here, the time finally came, and we decided to get bloody.

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    We traveled to the Roxbury Institute and met with Dr. Jennifer Ahdout, board-certified dermatologist and vampire-facial giver.

    BuzzFeed Entertainment Group

    She basically gave us the DL on what a vampire facial actually is. The facial uses platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy, which means injecting your OWN blood back into your face by using tiny, tiny needles. This procedure is supposed to help the skin look more rejuvenated, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, and more. The treatment normally costs around $750 and takes about an hour.

    Once she explained the procedure to us, we were almost ready. But first: THE NUMBING PROCESS.

    Lara Parker

    Because the facial is literally using tiny needles on your skin to make you bleed, it can get a little painful. So we put a numbing cream on our face and let it sit for 30 minutes. It got weird when we tried not to slobber.

    Then, we were ready to start getting bloody. Next up: THE BLOOD DRAW.

    BuzzFeed Entertainment Group

    They took blood out of our arms and then separated the plasma. It was complicated and cool and not as weird as it sounds.

    After our blood was drawn and prepared, it was time for the facial. Warning: blood ahead.

    Lara Parker, Sheridan Nordahl-Hansen

    The whole process took about an hour — 30 minutes to numb and 30 minutes for the actual facial.

    And when we were done, we left our blood on our face like a mask and walked around Beverly Hills. It was 100% chill.

    Lara Parker, Jordan Imbrey

    Our faces were swollen and red for a couple of days, but by day three, we could see improvement on our skin.

    Here's Sheridan right before the facial and a week after:

    Jordan Imbrey

    And here's Lara right before the facial and a week after:

    Jordan Imbrey

    Our final thoughts:

    Jordan Imbrey

    Sheridan's thoughts on the facial: I'm that girl who cries while getting her eyebrows threaded, so I knew this wouldn't be a walk in the park. The numbing cream certainly helped but I did feel a lot of pain when the needles went around my hairline, chin, and upper lip. Hey, pain is beauty. And look, if you told me being skinned alive would help with acne, I'd be like cool, call Leatherface, and let's do this. So, yes, I'd do it again.

    Lara's thoughts on the facial: It really didn't hurt that bad. I only winced like 2-3 times TOPS. It was pretty painless all in all, and I was surprised that it didn't freak me out to see myself covered in blood. In fact, I felt like a badass. And now my skin looks better than it ever has in its life, so... sign me the fuck up for more.

    The Vampire Facials were provided to BuzzFeed free of charge.